There’s a stranger out to find you!

Wondering if this shirt will help me solve a mystery…or even rewrite history?

For those feeling nostalgic:

Ducktales Intro - YouTube

Yep, listening now, as I had to Google to figure out what this was about. And now I have a cartoon and cereal craving and it’s not even a food shirt ; )

Finally! A shirt to wear while I play through the old NES game… alone… again…

I LOVE THIS. But I don’t need another shirt. BUT I LOVE THIS. But I don’t need another shirt.


A Ducktales themed shirt? Wooo Wooo!

wow used to watch this show in the mornings. didn’t even get this reference

I always thought it was D-D-D Danger LURKS behind you.

I thought the same thing.

Just watched the opening on YouTube to be sure… Sounds like LURKS to me. The lyrics sites seem to be split down the middle. But it sounds like lurks, and that’s what I remember from my childhood… So the effect is ruined for me I’m afraid. Pass… :frowning:

Another shirt on woot that MAYBE 1 out of 4000 people will get.


It seems in the full three minute version it is “watch behind you.” However, in the one minute tv intro we all know and love it’s “lurks behind you.”

I like those odds.

/“Why is the fourth banana an orange?” -Everyone

ha! Agreed.

Also, I vote for LURK.

In honor of this post, I’m wearing my knock-knock shirt today.

This made my morning, Woot! Big smile here. Who didn’t love DuckTales growing up?

Oh man. This graphic is so perfect but it’s on a black shirt! What to do? Just grab on to some Ducktales.

We’re indoctrinating our kids with all the cartoons of our youth (thank you, torrents!)–I think they’d love this!