D-Link 5-Port Desktop Switch

I gave that switch some cables.
Switches love cables.

Oh! So this is one of those collectable things… the whole 10/100 with 5 ports.

At least at a 1.99 they should go fast and we can get on to the next ite… oh, what? NOT a woot-off?

Dang it.

I’ll go ahead and be the dumb one.

What is it FOR? What do I DO with it?

I’m kind of a computer-nub, but if my router at home only has 4 ports, and I’d like to add more ports, is this woot what I would need?

I got these the last time they were offered. Work flawlessly out of the box. Plug in AC. Plug in ethernet cables. Make popcorn. At this price, it’s silly not to stock up!

$10.97 for three NEW 5 port switches? Seems like more than a decent deal.

$18.67 on Amazon


edit: Amazon price changed while posting

In for 3. Awesome deal.

I always carry a five port switch in my repair bag. Great for quick repairs on peoples networks. (Along with network cables from Monoprice.com)

i know this is idiotic but does this connect to your router wireless or wired?


Yes, this is exactly what you need.


Yes. Plug this into one of your router’s ports, then plug up to 4 more items into it, and you’ve effectively expanded from 4 ports, to 7.

total geek here, can always use a switch somewhere. Woot! In for 3!

I’m in for 3! $11.88 for 3 switches? Can’t pass this up!

Product website:

including product manual zip:


Yes, the manual is inside the zip.

In most cases, yes. 10/100 will be more than adequate for 99%+ of people who just need to add more ports. Gigabit helps if you routinely transfer enormous files or have a very large network.

If you just need more ports to connect printers/drives/media players/another computer/etc, this will suffice admirably.

Yes, you would just plug an Ethernet cable from one of the router ports to one of the ports on this switch and then have three extra ports. No configuration necessary.