D-Link Devices

I’m looking at the D-Link DWA-160 Xtreme N Dual Band USB Adapter…anyone know if the one being offered is Rev A or Rev B?

I bought one of the MovieNite boxes and didn’t realize until it was delivered that it doesn’t stream Hulu!

does anything by dlink ever get good reviews on amazon?

i cant seem to find anything but complaints.

my personal experience with dlink is that their routers need at least daily rebooting.

when i see dlink on sale, anywhere, i run away as fast as i can.

i wouldn’t even take one for free.

if you want headaches, just bang your head against a wall. at least you will know what caused it. and it wont cost you money.

or you could spend money on a dlink device and pay to get headaches when you cant figure out why they don’t work.

just remember - d-link = dead link.

i love woot, but I wish they wouldn’t sell dlink.

it only serves to disappoint customers who otherwise would have good experiences with woot.

p.s. capitol letters are overrated.

or perhaps i’m just too tired and lazy this late at night