D-Link Gigabit Notebook Adapter

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D-Link Gigabit Notebook Adapter
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Great for laptops from 1995!

Seriously, what laptop these days doesn’t have a gigabit port? Pro Macs have had them for more than a decade. And most PCs the last several years have right?

Do laptops still have card slots?


ooohhhh grandpa’s gonna love this one ;D

In for 3

Wires are still in use?

Well, because no w00ter in the world has multiple adapters???

Awesome. I need one of these for my Windows 95 PC.

I should get this for my grandpa! he can finally move away from using his phone line by plugging it into the modem…

Plastic case is frickin’ Welfare, yo!

I am SURE these will end up in barneys online crib … just sayin…

When did they start selling antiques here??

this will be great for my antiquated computer components gallery.

Really??? what would u do with this??

I mean, seriously?! This is the kind of thing you give to Goodwill because it sat in your e-junk bin for the last 10 years.

Giggady !!

Yeah, so who else has a large box full of these kind of things…?

I choked on my Dr Pepper when this popped up. They haven’t used these in ages.