D-Link Gigabit Notebook Adapter

Oooh, soo close. I was actually hoping for a microchannel desktop NIC for my RS/6000…

No kidding. I’m waiting for the Betamax Woot.

Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! :stuck_out_tongue:

when were these refurbed ? and who would refurb a 6 dollar item?

i lol’d. thats a seriously funny joke. really woot? i mean… really? im not trying to picky but… really?

that is the FUNNIEST write up EVER!!!

might be useful as a shim. Or to help keep that wobbly table from wobblng. Or to prop open doors. That’s three quality uses, let’s all get 3 then we can move on!

Well, since you couldn’t think of anything to say, I’ll say this: I’m a girl and have to use my bathroom. Could we have another knife set or something?

In for one. Your welcome.

The only thing I have with a PCMCIA port is my CableCard box (Ceton). Maybe this would turbocharge that somehow.

I feel old. I remember when I bought one of these for $60 back in… for a laptop from 1998 (It was a hand me down). :frowning:

I guess some wooters have some pretty old equipment and computers too

Is this compatible with Windows 4.0?

…shipping kills it… :-p

It really WAS the superior format.

Useless, hell! I spent half an hour copying an editing project into my ol’ laptop yesterday! For ten bucks delivered, this is going to be an incredible timesaver! Plus it’ll keep the dust out of that empty PC card port!

You are all very shortsighted. This thing is just what I need for my 0x86 “heavyweight” 10 MB hard drive, 68K of RAM system.

Why, you ask, do I still use such an archaic system?

Answer: They don’t write viruses that can run on my system. Think about it. I don’t have enough RAM to run your stupid virus so I am effectively immune.

In for three.

they might be collectible…

I bet you could exchange it for something nice at CompUSA or CircuitCity where it most likely came from.

My welcome what?