D-Link Gigabit Notebook Adapter

The only thing that would have made this better is if the driver disc would have been a 3.5" floppy.

…wait till you find out what else it won’t run.

Whoa, I am nostalgia-ing pretty hard over here.

Well, some of us never throw any of it out…personally I make art with it…not too sure what the rest of the w00ters do with it :wink:

Only a lawyer would think this was a good idea…

They may have been held in another companies inventory for the last few years and then dumped on the market. Since they were never used, but can’t be sold as new, they get repackaged and sold as “refurbished”.

Also, you know all of those docking stations that dell/gateway/hp/etc. used to use for their laptops/netbooks? Some have a slot that this can be plugged into.

You’re awesome. Just thought you should know.

P.S. Took so much self control to not say “your awesome” just for comic relief.

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Oh, I get it. You’re feigning stupidity to mock a common spelling mistake. Touche.

Hope you washed yo’ paws.

Will this work with my Mac? Not even a refurb! Do not want!! :slight_smile:

Hello All,

I’ve just arrived in the future from 2001 to score some clearance deals on the current technology of my day. This looks like a steal!! In for three. And did you see this awesome grab over at Best Buy?


I’ll play devil’s advocate here, and suggest that for $11 shipped, you get a gigabit LAN adapter for your notebook. Many people have 10/100. and might need the 1000 speed for whatever reason. PCMCIA slots aren’t completely dead, either. This laptop is 6 months old and came with one…most still do for mobile wifi cards. Business laptops at the very least, anyway.

Like I said, devil’s advocate.

So tempted to get one because I’m a Network Engineer and can actually use an additional NIC in my work laptop on several tasks I do.

thanks for explaining that … now I get it too…

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Both of you, not necessarily yourselves, but has ANYONE else notice that your and you’re are not interchangeable? Do people even go to college, or just not bother (again, no offense to either of yourselves)?

The 3.5" floppy drives are up for sale next. I hear they are going to throw in an acoustic modem for free!