D-Link Gigabit Notebook Adapter

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D-Link Gigabit Notebook Adapter
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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And thats it! Death of the Woot-off!

Another one?!

You never know, maybe there is enough demand for PCMCIA Gigabit adapters? :open_mouth:

Wow I think I have a thinkpad 600X running a pentium 3 that needs this

gotta be freakin kidding me.

Oh geez. I may be going to bed earlier than I thought…

In for 3! You never know when Marty is going to show up and need to go “Back to the Future”!

PCMCIA and Gigabit doesn’t really fit. If you have a laptop that has PCMCIA and you probably have 100 megabit ethernet.


will this work on my macbook pro?


This is getting painful.

And now everyone who bought one of the 10/100 ones feels pretty dumb… lol…

They sold out last Woot-off. Let’s hope for a speedy exit on this one…

buy it and sell it on fleabay

Does anyone really uses these anymore

time to first woot…
(we’ll see)

wow, quicker than I expected.

I think the last one was only 10/100. THAT makes all the difference.

In for none.

Going to bed if there isn’t a Big Orange Cow in the next 13 minutes.

They sold some worse than this earlier today, and it took over an hour to sell 26 of them.


That was during the day. Not liking our chances during the night.