D-Link Gigabit Notebook Adapter

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D-Link Gigabit Notebook Adapter
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Ooh, timewarp!

Holy antiquated technology batman!

party like it’s 1999!

What notebook built in the last 5 years doesn’t have a built in network card?!? If your notebook is over 5 years old, you need A NEW NOTEBOOK!

Really? :slight_smile:

Will it work with my Commodore 64?

Wow, this is a hot item in Washington.

Now I can play Skyrim!

These were great back when laptops had these ports and WiFi didn’t exist.

less wooting, and more getting told about sopa on every website !!! hooray internets !

Now I can dig out my Thinkpad T20 from 2000 and plug in a gigabit ethernbet card into its PCMCIA slot…

I don’t even think the laptop is fast enough to even take advantage of gigabit speeds.

is woot going dark today?

hot diggity - in for 3! Now just crossing my fingers for the HD dvd players.

A pig with wings is still a pig.

Does it come with drivers for windows 95? If not, no deal.

in for 3…
what is it?

I noticed that it comes with a CD-ROM Installation CD, but my laptop only has a floppy drive…

Yeah … in Washington, where people actually collect “vintage” computers.