D-Link Network Devices

Hi WootBot & Woot,

Can anyone provide the exact model # and hardware revision of the device? For instance is it DIR-615 C1 or C2 or D3 or E3/E4 etc? Or perhaps the FCC ID on the box ? Thanks.

If the picture is to be believed, it’s not a revision C model, as mine looks nothing like that (still a DIR-615 though).

Also unless you’re looking for something super cheap, I’d get something else. The one I have craps out every other day and needs a restart or the Ethernet stops working.

Well, I’m looking to install DDWRT on it if it is the “C” revision because then I can do a lot more with the router. You probably could benefit from DDWRT and it won’t crap out all the time

Not familiar with this wireless stuff - so if I buy the N300 router, then I need 2 of USB adapters for the system to work on both of my computers???

Not necessarily. Your computers may already have a wireless adapter. You can google to find ways to see if your computer already has one through the Device Manager.

Even if you are looking for something super cheap, it’ll be cheaper in the long run to pay $40 for an asus rt-n12.

That’d be perfect for my parents who are looking for a wireless router, but it looks as though this model has been discontinued. Any suggestions on a similar unit?

With the stock firmware, this isn’t a great router. But, regardless of the revision number of this model, it can take advantage of the full dd-wrt firmware. You can basically spend $15 and get a wireless router that is capable of a $150 router. DD-WRT is very easy to install on this router. As easy as a version 1 or 2 WRT54G.