D-Link Networking Peripherals

I ordered the DIR-615 and it won’t work with my HTC One X running ICS.

There is no support for the 651 (thats the gigabit one you were looking at) with openWRT, and limited for the 615 (http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/d-link/dir-615)

Which revision is the DIR-615?

I bought one of the 615s during the last DLink thing here on Woot, and the hardware revision is E3.

That looks like like an easy transition to DD-WRT, anyone have any luck with that?

I think it’s supposed to work with that hardware revision, but I haven’t had a chance to try, yet.

Did fire up the router and look through the factory firmware. Was actually surprised by the amount of configuration and options.

Bought a 615 last time they came around. Flashed with DDWRT and it runs beautifully as a bridged client router, allowing me to finally move all my noisy rack equipment from my closet to my basement. Signal never drops out and I am really happy with it! I am considering grabbing a couple more to use as access points or repeaters.

Sweet. That is what I was hoping for. I had bought a netgear wnr2000 as a client bridge because I already had one (v2) that has been solid for years. But the one I got was a v3 with the atheros chip. And it blows. I have it scheduled to reboot every night because it is always dropping connections.

Does anyone know i any of these can be bridged or are ddwrt compatible? I want a cheap wireless adapter for my old xbox?

Does anyone know if either of the routers can be converted to wireless extenders? I need to extend my wifi network into a spare room to wire in an Xbox 360.

Stay away from the DIR-651. It’s worthless. I should have read more about it before purchasing it… i’ve essentially turned off wifi and am using it as a gig switch now… the wifi disconnects everyone every 15 minutes or so… This makes all windows machines throw the yellow exclimation mark for a few minutes while it’s kicking everyone. It also disconnects my wireless printer, which requires me to shut off it’s wifi and reconnect it each time it I need to print… From my linux workstations, I can clearly see the wifi dump me every 15 minutes (almost to the second) in /var/log/messages. You’ve been warned :slight_smile: the firmware update makes no difference and I’m not even using it as a router… I was using it as a access point, which many people said it was only good at doing, because the hardware sucks.

groberts, the 651 had the ability to do it, but i’d stay away.

I know woots policy on 3-items, but could someone contact me if these 5-port switches don’t sell out? I’d like to look into buying a bulk amount. Maybe 40-60 of them.

Just bought 40 on amazon 3 days ago for $17 a pop :frowning:

I bought the 651 last time around, and the Wifi does drop out a lot. When connected, the speed and such seem fine. I plan to put DD-WRT on it, as soon as I have a chance – it seems other members have had good luck with that.

I already ordered one. :confused: Should I order the DIR-615 and return the other one, or just stick with it? Your opinion would be of great value and appreciated, friend.

greetings, Wireless USB Adaptor is compatible with win 7 and win 8? thanks