D-Link RangeBooster 4-Port Wireless-G Router

God damn it

Aw and I didn’t even get a chance to buy a bag of crap! CRAP!!!

WOW, That was fast and surprisingly smooth.

Who scored a Badger of Carnage?


I was so close! Got to the order page, but it hanged while processing. CURSE MY FEEBLE EXISTENCE.

Anyone have one of these? Look like they might be good to keep around for when your damned router goes bad.

thats bs. i got all the way through it. but it was denied. son of a

finally got to the payment page for the bags when it sold out… maybe a new router will temper my disappointments.

I missed :frowning:

I was on the confirm page and got punted!!!

woohoo…baggie coming home…again :wink:

I got to the order screen, entered my code, it thought a while, then I got directed to a page with Woot! at the top and the rest blank. The URL said “order confirmation” - I think I got a Bucket O’ Carp!!!

That router is crap. But not in a bag.

Missed it again!

No crao. I’m done. Bye

Dutifully answered the phone while working in the office and due to the usual customer’s ignorance and seemingly aimless questions I have missed the crappy bag.

Damn, that was fast. I got to the Order page several times, but could never get it to load after I clicked the stupidly-large button.

DAMN you woot, years of this, and not a one, unbelievable.