D-Link RangeBooster 4-Port Wireless-G Router

All i wanted for Christmas was a bag of crap…

CNET review doesn’t look very promising. Looks like a cheap piece of crap. Probably should have just put this in the bag of crap.

Got a BOC

Also, D-Link works well. At least the products I have from them!

Same thing happened here!!

I clicked the stupidly large gold button then it just went back to woot. Im hoping i get a confimation email, but i think im SOL

That was unexpected.

the one time I post a comment…and…BAM…miss the bag o crap…i’m such a loooooooooooooooooossser!!!

I ended up in the “buy” screen of the BOC purely by accident…I didn’t even click “I want one”. Got through to the “buy it now” button, got a white screen, another white screen, and then it took me back to the main page. Oh well…the crap I got last time was awful enough to last me through another of these.

i waited all this time, 2 days lol! it wouldnt let me click on it??? oh well, damn boc

Biggest upset of the week:

What’s going on here?

Your order was not placed. This could be due to one of several issues, which we’ve tried to outline on the left.
If you know what needs to be corrected, want to try a new card, or alter something else, click the try again button to return to the order page.

I have nothing left to live for!



(╯ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

That was quick. Looks like the servers are upgraded…i was still shut out, just stuck on the buy one page, but it moved quickly, the bar went down, and the next item came up…Everyone happy?

Always too slow.

That was way too quick… A BoC isn’t a BoC unless the server crashes at least 2 times delaying the sell out by at least 5 minutes

I was so diligent, too…another lost opportunity for crap.

I got one, email of payment confirmation in my email too. My 2nd BoC!

I GOT ONE!!!11 First one ever! Very slow, but I’ve received my confirmation email. AAAAWWWESOME!!!

I’ve had a couple of D-Links. They’re decent routers, and 9.99 is a great deal for a wireless router.

From all the reviews it looks like that thing isn’t even worth 9.99. Sounds like a piece of junk.

White flag. I surrender. As usual with the B O C I get to the order page, click “This Info is Correct” and then get this message:

This sale is sold out.

Your order is invalid (code: no lines)