D-Link Wireless 802.11b USB Adaptor

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Woo hoo!!! First again!!!

JUS: I was up late, got these for my desktop.

AHF: woot!


Just what I needed!



i need one of these

Woohoo! Er, uh…I mean, crap. I guess two for $15 with no rebates is sorta okay, but this is only 802.11b. They give these things away after rebate these days.

what the

What?!?! We don’t need no stinking ‘b’ antenna!

No use for, seems wooterful though!

WOOTERESTING ™!!! What the last few woots have been. Looks like woot is really expanding past just electronics and computer items. [;)]

D-Link Wireless 802.11b USB Adaptor

  • $5 shipping

First Page? WOO-Hoot! Too bad I already got an adapter. Great price though…maybe I can sell it on ebay?



'Night All!


nice price…not nice windows xp only

Great woot! What are you all waiting for? Get one!

blah cheap but blah Add me to the whiners list.