D-Link Xtreme N 2.4GHz Indoor Antenna

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D-Link Xtreme N 2.4GHz Indoor Antenna
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Mac compatible?

any chance of this working on other routers? or just D-link?

Can I use it outdoors?

Antennas are a pretty standard thing, just make sure the connector is the same (there’s 2 types used in routers as far as I remember).

wtf … no geek here, what does it do? and does it do it well?


Pretty good deal, these sell for 31 new on amazon.

and it should work on other brands besides D-Link, I have a different D-Link antenna and it’s currently plugged into a linksys card and works awesome.

$31 on Amazon…


…so a good deal if this is something you can actually USE. Reviews across the board, looks like YMMV.

No. It’s not Windows compatible either.

in for one just because.

Hmmm… why would this only work with a D-Link wireless router, I wonder? Is there something special about the connector?

Too specific for my tastes.

Will this work with an 855 model? Looks like it might.

In simple terms… it’s basically just an extension cord for your wifi transmitter’s antenna. So you can put it in a better spot instead of wherever the router happens to be sitting.

Started to get one but it’s giving me the finger…

This is my favorite product description i have ever read. That you woot!

this is bs, who needs it? from their website: “designed to help improve the performance”

sounds like viagra to me …

This dingus does improve signal quality, but the cable is only three feet long. I need at least six with the way my gear is arranged, so it’s just sitting in its box on the shelf. Just a note.