D-Link Xtreme N Notebook Adapter

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D-Link Xtreme N Notebook Adapter
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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People still use these?

Now that’s just a plain insult to the crowd here that is still awake.


Unfortunately, there’s no 5GHz band.


Ohhh yeah, this will take a while…

gah, im going to bed.

this is for everyone that has been asking for crap…you got it

Yeah, if you’re buying this for someone’s laptop, make sure they have a full Cardbus slot and not an ExpressCard slot.

Wow, they must have opened a time capsule from the 90s…

I mean, who actually has a notebook without wireless built in? I guess someone would have to really want N in order to have that thing hanging out the side of their notebook.

Last one sold new in box for 3.65 on ebay

Check please!

Will make a great holiday gift for my friend, Fred Flintstone.


i’m always amazed that there are people who will buy the stuff I wouldn’t take for free…but i’m glad they do!

I agree! Where is our reward for being awake!?