D-Link Xtreme N Storage Router


hopefully getting my Bag of crap on the 12th doesnt disqualify me


Woot Offff

noooo!!! i have to sleep tonight!!!

Yesss let the woot-off commence!

Yay! Woot off!

Come on your trying to take all my monies!

so it begins…

On a Thursday?

woot off!!

Wooot Off!!

Oh yay, a woot off, with a strange router.

So, will it be 500 BOC, or 3500 BOC?

yay woot off!

woot off!!!

Umm, isn’t Framechannel out of business?

prob 0

I need some:


AAAAAAH!! I never stay up until 1am for new Woots. I’m just too old! And yet the past three days I’ve done it. I got a Borg’d Out Cube. And now, a Wootoff to enjoy!

But I’m so sleepy. :frowning: Can you please sell some youthfulness and vitality in this Wootoff?

don’t get it for framechannel! they just recently stopped service