D STAMINA PLUS Alkaline Batteries - 24pk

I really get a charge out of this deal and the number of batteries you get in each deal is shocking. If you need current, this is the most electrifying way to get it on the cheap. You have to remember, these are just batteries, they won’t give you a charge in the morning when you need it the most, for that you’d need a good green smoothly with electrolytes. These won’t jump start your car but if you put enough of them together you may be able to run a defibulator for your hamster. On the other hand you could actually run your car if you bought 200,000 double AA’s but woot may have a limit here - that’s too bad because that’s the equivalent of a battery in a Tesla and we all want one of those. WAIT - that would be a great item to sell on woot. If you want to get juiced - buy this deal!