Dad Joke U

This brings back so many memories.

To be worn while chatting up diner waitresses

Can confirm, I was a mushroom burger.

I have used both of those lines on my daughter in the last week. There’s no hope for me.

This shirt is sow me.

I am my father’s daughter! As a widow, I’ve had to play both roles of lame joke giver and annoying/nagging mom for my kids. This makes me the annoying lame joke mom. I love it! I should buy one of these for my dad … timing is a little early for Father’s Day, though.

Hopefully sweet ones, LB! ((hugs))

Thank you majestic voters and woot staff! I used to love horrible jokes, I still do but I used to, too.


Glorious, my friend.

As the father of an 11 year old boy I try( or manage) to embarrass daily this is awesome! Thanks!

First kid due in a month… I believe this will be the shirt I’ll be wearing when he arrives!

Did Woot stop labelling shirts?

I received this shirt today, and while I love it there is nothing indicating it’s an authentic Woot! shirt. I mean, where’s the reminder to not wear as pants?

For almost two years now. Any shirt that has a woot tag were old stock blanks they had.

Less so than the warning, it’s that folks have no reminder/indicator where a shirt was purchased from – meaning a lesser chance of repeat business. That’s especially important for folks receiving shirts as gifts.

Thanks for the info. I had no idea. I usually order a shirt every few months and this was the first non-Woot labelled shirt I received.

So they going to start shipping them in plain brown paper bags?

Edit - Now that I think about it, the last few shirts I’ve ordered were for my child. They usually grab the bag and run. Guess I should take a look to see how many non-Woot shirts we actually have.

What’s with the locomotive? That’s the only bit I don’t get. I’m being serious, btw, lol