Daily 1/30/15: All Seasons Down Alt Reversible Comforter-3 Sizes

Is this company located in CA? How long for shipping?

I wanted a Queen size in white, but sold out here. The promo code worked for me on the Tanga site.

Shipped from ANAHEIM, CA
Ordered Aug 16, 2014
Delivered to PHX, AZ via FedEx Aug 21, 2014

I ordered two of these, got one, need them both now, and the one I got is all white not the blue ones that I ordered. I want to CALL customer service because I need the blanket, because it is cold, got charged for both and want the ones I ordered immediately, why woot, you have broken my heart with this and I am freezing. Broken hearted and freezing, Connie

Yeah, just got mine too, they are white and a slightly different white :slight_smile: , not cinnamon and grey!!
Looks like a major ooopsie!
I already contacted customer service, will report their reply.

Hi there. I’m sorry for teh problems with your orders. I’ve let the buyer know so they can look into it.

If you haven’t already, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Update: They’re already aware of the problem. Email CS as noted above.

same…ordered black king…got all white. email incoming.

I just got my order delivered but I also got the wrong color. I ordered the white/grey Queen and got the Cinnamon Queen. This is frustrating! I contacted support but still waiting for their reply.

I think yours and mine are switched. Is yours Queen? I got the Queen Cinnamon/grey. I ordered the Queen White/Grey…

Same here. Ordered color and received all white. Waiting for the spray paint to arrive. Messaged support. My wife would like to exchange for correct color.

Hi there, wooters. We are aware of the problem with these comforters and are working with the vendor on a solution.

It can take a couple days to iron things out so please be patient.

UPDATE: use the support form at the top of the page to contact customer service. They’ll take care of you.

Update, CS has corrected this to my satisfaction, that 55 inch TV is gonna look great on my wall! :slight_smile:


I ordered a black queen size and got white as well. Sent in an email and just found this thread. Here’s hoping for a speedy correction.

I also ordered Black/Silver, but got an all white comforter :-(.

I contacted customer service about the all white comforter mistake several days ago (the same day they arrived, Feb 10). They said they are aware of the problem and will respond soon. I’m trying not to bug them over a holiday weekend as I know that they are probably enjoying it. But if anybody does get a resolution of some sort please let me know. It makes me anxious just waiting around with no response, and no timeline for a response. Hope to hear good news. Thanks!

Sorry about that. There’s a small backlog of emails from when we were waiting on a solution. If you don’t hear back from them today, go ahead and email them again.

I’ll ask them from this end as well.

I got a resolution, thank you very much! Always a pleasure, Woot!


Same issue here. Just sent woot a message. I should have opened the package right away.