Daily 7/23/15: 5.11 Tactical Apparel

5.11 Tactical Apparel

Tactics are what you use to achieve your goal. Strategy is what you tell people you used so they’ll write books about you. This apparel is what you wear to look good while you’re involved with tactics. That’s strategy! So we suppose it works for both.

LINK TO THE OFFER: [url=http://www.woot.com/plus/5-11-tactical-apparel]http://www.woot.com/plus/5-11-tactical-apparel[/url]


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5.11 Tactical Apparel
Price: $19.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jul 24 to Monday, Jul 27) + transit
Condition: New


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Can speak to these items specifically, but I do have some 5.11 gear. All of it seems to be pretty well made and holds up well to heavy use.

I’m holding off for the “TACTICAL” bidet.

Seriously, give the word a rest and stop stroking the wanbees.

boy oh boy would I love one of those flannels, too bad the pictures aren’t labeled with the color name and I have no idea what kind of colors “Ox Blood”, “Regatta”, and “Captain” would translate to in normal color language…

I own a lot of 5.11 apparel incl. T-Shirts, workout shirts, polos and tactical SS shirts and I can tell you everything they make is top notch! But, sorry Woot, even though $19.95 is a good price for their performance polo shirts, right now the charcoal and silver/tan polos are selling at Field Supply in a blow out deal for $9.99 each. However the picture of the polo your showing as “charcoal” is not even close to the color Field Supply shows as charcoal, theirs looks well, basically black, yours looks more like it’s some shade of blue. Anyway, one of you are wrong. And they are selling the flannel long sleeves for $19.99 but it looks like they might all be sold out. Woot’s prices are a little better for the range vests and the RealTree shirts, providing they are apple to apple comparisons, but I didn’t check that. But again, for anyone who has never owned any 5.11 gear, it is high quality durable stuff!

The colors of the shirts/flannels should be listed under the drop down, on the sales pictures and in the Features listings.

Per their forums, the flannels on “Fieldsupply.com” are the 2013 models. The ones listed todays Woot offer are the 2014 models.

Checking Woot made me just spend 20 bucks for shirts at Field Supply. 10 bucks for Polo’s is cheap if they are good quality.

I was just jumping back and forth between sites and wasn’t being very accurate re: the data on the flannels because it looked like they were sold out so I really shouldn’t have mentioned them at all, thanks for pointing out there were significant differences anyway. I caught myself later and let everyone with interest know they would have to determine for themselves what was and wasn’t apples to apples. I own a number or their polos but like and don’t have the green and if I hadn’t just made some large purchases I’d jump on it because $19.99 is a good price and 5.11 garb is good stuff. But, because of my recent purchases, I might just have to sneak up on it. But re: the charcoal coloring question, the answer is the shirts on Field Supply are actually lighter than what’s shown in their picture but not as light as the picture of Woot’s charcoal shirt.

Any company that labels a flannel shirt as ‘tactical’ apparel loses all credibility to me, and is just adding buzzwords onto crap. This is almost as bad as the ‘Teton Sports bags’ that were poorly built backpacks without waterbottle holder, sternum or waist straps, and zippers that exploded at the first sign of stress.

How is the sizing on these?

last “tactical” shirt I purchased from woot was tremendous.

The flannel shirts have a concealed carry pocket built into the shirt which makes it a tactical feature and benefit.

5.11 makes quality stuff. Took the polos and pants to Afghanistan and they lasted about 2 years of heavy abuse. I am back from AFG and still use them for yard work.

It’s just an inner pocket. By that definition, almost every backpack and sports coat I own is ‘tactical’.

Optics planet has some of the colors and sizes of the tactical vest for $36.

Of course not the battle brown that I like

Optics Planet

I bought 5.11 apparel a year ago. My take is that they were well made, had concealed pockets and most/all of the shirt buttons are really snaps for quick removal. That all was quite nice.

However, I found the fabric uncomfortable, and somewhat stiff (these were “tropical” shirts) so I seldom wore them, before I ended up donating them to charity.

How about a tactical pen pocket on the tactical RIGHT sleeve for us tactical left-handers? Tactically speaking, of course.

I wear 511 Tactical Pants for work I’ve been purchasing them for years on average they last me about 2 years each. I wear them everyday and I’m pretty tough on pants

These look like they are to sportsmen what the gunnar eyewear is to gamers, a gimmickey joke.