Daily 8/15: Down Alt. Comforters - 3 Sizes - 12 Colors

Today at Home.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE COMFORTERS AND MOAR OF DA COMFORTERS!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE OFFER: [url=http://home.woot.com/plus/down-alt-comforters-3-sizes-12-colors]http://home.woot.com/plus/down-alt-comforters-3-sizes-12-colors[/url]


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Down Alt Reversible Comforters - 3 Sizes
Price: $19.99 - 29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days. (Tuesday, Aug 19 to Wednesday, Aug 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to learn all about Polyester

thread count at least would be nice.

[MOD: There’s no threadcount with polyester.]

Is there a brand listed? I always like to read reviews and what not.

I agree. Im interested but…

We often can’t give out the manufacturer’s name because their other retail channels get mad at them over the prices. Our buyers work to get you the best price possible. Sorry, but no name.

What’s the warmth rating for these?

Yeah, or even the filling weight? As it stands there’s no way to know if these are super-thin 24oz. comforters meant for warm locales, or super-deluxe 70oz. comforters that can keep you warm in the middle of a blizzard.

I would really like to know the tread count before I buy on

How can we purchase this without any information about the company. Yes, a good deal, but the comforter could be thin and useless. Costco has one for same price and it’s thin-Tommy Bahama.

Condition= UNDEFINED??
Here is a 3 piece queen set for the same price on Ebay. Plus no tax on Ebay in most states. Could be better,same or worse quality but impossible to compare without more information in description.

Here is a similar comforter for 20% less.

I have been doing similar searches trying to find a match to the picture on here but no luck so far.
I can understand not putting the manufacturer due to things like M.A.P pricing but a little more info on this comforter would be nice. As already mentioned I have the Costco down alt one that’s the same price and it is very thin.

Not taking any responsibility for this if I happen to be wrong, but after comparing a few different comforters within this relative price range, I would make an educated guess that this is a medium weight comforter. I’d also guess it’s microfiber, so no thread count. Just hope I can find matching shams for it.

My personal experience with a microfiber comforter is that it’s very soft to the touch and washes well, but unlike cotton, doesn’t seem as though it will soften up much more over time (not guaranteeing that though). I find this a plus as my current cotton comforter has become too floppy, if that makes sense. Also, polyester tends to be more stain resistant, so if you’re working on a research paper in bed and spill coffee on it, you’ll be OK. Not that I’d know from experience or anything.

The downside to the microfiber is that cat hair sticks to it a little more easily than cotton, so color coordinate to décor and pets as needed.

Hi all. We have some extra information on these from the vendor:

These are 90 gsm and are filled with denier hollow soft fiber and are light weight.

Reversible Down Alternative comforter
Reversible down comforter Filled with synthetic down alternative fiber.
300 Thread cotton, 100% cotton jacquard fabric.
Baffle box construction prevents fiber from shifting.
Perfect for all season’s comfort.
Machine Washable and Dryable


Having purchased this item from Woot I have a couple observations. First, upon arrival it comes vacuum packed in a plastic bag to a thickness of about 1 inch. This is for a king size comforter too. Uh,oh this is a clue that it is not going to look as thick as its’picture. It wasn’t. Very thin material inside made of the lightest material possible. Definitely not for cold winter nights here in the northeast. More of a ‘throw comforter’ for chair sitting and not for bed warming. Nice quality but lacking in filling.
My 2 cents for future buyers.

Porsche … there is no alternative.

Hmm. Doesn’t have the same ring to it.