Daily 8/16/2014: 3rd Place in Derby #368: Football! - A 3-WAY TIE!

Holy crap, a three-way tie?? THIS IS WHY DEMOCRACY DOESN’T WORK, PEOPLE. We’ve been saying it for years.

Use this comment thread to discuss all three designs, and let us know which one you like best or whatever. And next time we’ll be sure to rig the election so this kind of thing can’t happen.

Link to sale: http://shirt.woot.com/plus/suprise-its-a-3-way-tie-derby-shirtstorm-3



Guess you couldn’t offer all three for the price of one this time around. Still owns his Pointillism Derby duo

Well, this is different.

A shirtstorm’s a-brewin’.


Congrats to all the winners! Never seen this happen before.

I’ve heard it said that having a tie is like kissing your sister (ew). But since I collab’d with tbolt86, I guess I’ll kiss her instead :slight_smile:

Ack! Couldn’t you have done this on payday?

How could anyone complain tonight? Three to pick from.

Three pretty cool Woot shirts for sale…yet sadly I’m still not into football.


Congrats to de winners :slight_smile:

I’m confused – isn’t Finkle, Einhorn?

You would think with 5 shirts winning in the derby, one would be something I would wear, considering I love football.


Whoa! Nice, congrats to all!

Here just to whine about the spelling error in the headline. “Surprise” not “suprise.” Thanks.

Wow, unprecedented! Awesome job to all the winners :slight_smile:

This is the first tie I’ve seen in four years. And the first Ace Ventura joke!

Whoa, Shirtception! Congrats to all the winners.

I voted with my wallet today. Sunday Lovers!

The one that sells the most will tell you who the actual winner was, not everyone votes in the derby.

Wow- grats guys. What a fine pile of shirt! :wink: