[DAILY DEAL 10/13/16] iPhone 5s/5c Unlocked Phones

Won’t start on fire like those Galaxy Note 7’s. Amirite?

iPhone 5s/5c Unlocked Phones

are these also cdma unlocked? can i use these iphones with freedompop?

No it won’t work with Verizon. The term “unlocked” here refers to the GSM band only, meaning it isn’t “carrier locked” to a single provider. There are “unlocked” phones on the CDMA band, but this isn’t in the listing. If you tried to place your SIM card it, it would go to a white screen asking you to put in a valid SIM card.

I know some Samsung owners that may wish to consider this.

I recently invested $120 for the iPhone5s from ConsumerCellular. I’m over the moon with delight.

The iPhone5 is smaller (as in actually fits in my pocket!! or hand) than the monster 6 model. And it understands my dictation much more clearly than my previous Android Moto Bravo. [Although I’ll sometimes miss the creative corrections the Android came up with.)

It’s a great phone!!

Having owned almost every model of iPhone, I like the design of this model much better than the rounded off corners of the 6. Solid deal woot.

Can these be used without a cell plan (i.e., offline or only over Wifi)? I’d like to get these for kids as iPod Touch replacements but I don’t want to sign them up for a cell plan with AT&T, Verizon, etc.

Yep, sure thing.

Thinking of getting one from Walmart for the "Straight Talk"no contract plan.
Its $149 new…are these the same?
Seems expensiveness for used models.

From a quick search online, it looks like the Wal-Mart 5s the same. So long as you intend to use it with Straight Talk you should be fine. But Straight Talk requires you to have been a paying subscriber for a year before you can unlock the phone. So theirs are subsidized and locked down, while these are unlocked for use with any supported carrier.

This is the worst sale since the original apple watch

Phone arrived today…super fast shipping. That’s the good part.

The bad part-did not include the with BONUS Apple EarPods as advertised.

How do I get the Earpods?

I did not get my EarPods as well. Will it be arriving in a separate shipment?

Hi there. Looks like there was a mistake in the title. DOH!

Electronics team is looking into it. Goal is to hopefully get you those earpods. Give us some time to figure things out. Weekend and all that.

My iPhone arrived today. I’ve tried charging it and it is VERY VERY HOT… and the little battery icon is still in the red (10%). Oh dear!

Oh man! Definitely unplug and send your order details to support@woot.com. Don’t forget to include your order number. CS can check into your account and available options.

Sorry for the order issue!

Same hot. Now brick