[Daily Deal 10/4/16] Sharkk Bluetooth Headphones & Speakers

Whaddya think about these headphones and speakers?!

Sport vs. Waterproof same price?

It appears the Sharkk HS-SKRU9 (waterproof) ear buds are newer than the HS-SKRU8 Sharkk Flex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds, as they support Bluetooth 4.1 according to their product page https://www.sharkk.com/products/sharkk-flex-2o. They are also IP67 rated, meaning they are dust tight and are waterproof up to 1m.


  1. Do these come with different sizes of silicone ear buds? Even the owner’s manual fails to include this very important detail.

  2. Do they use the much better AptX codec for bluetooth transmission of music?

Until I know, I can’t buy them.

Some answers from the vendor (granted a little late):
Yes, the headphones both come with different size silicone earbuds. They use bluetooth 4.0 technology but do not have aptX tech.