[DAILY DEAL 4/17/15] Nintendo Wii Gaming Consoles

Today at Sellout.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE NINTENDO WII GAMING CONSOLES AND MOAR NINTENDO WII GAMING CONSOLES!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Nintendo Wii Gaming Consoles


Yes, this is an old system but I love my Wii! Whenever my friends bring their kids over I always bring out the Wii to keep them entertained. It is perfect for the younger kid that has not discovered all the COD or GTA games. Plus, I love to play it because I always break a sweat playing Wii Sports.

OH!! Mario Cart is super fun to play! I play it all the time.

4.6 Stars over at ToysRus

Will this little console suppport two controllers, or is it a single-player only game?

It should be noted that the Wii Mini will not play Gamecube games (doesn’t even have the ports for Gamecube controllers) and doesn’t have WiFi. It says that on the product page, but it’s worth pointing out again.

These support up to 4 of their bluetooth controllers (sold separately).Also, this is not a “single player game” machine… it’s an actual game console, there’s 100’s and 100’s of games for it available anywhere.

Mine lives in the garage of a friend’s house. It’s the permanent RockBand3 console for our “Wii Garage Band” LOL

By “this little console”, were you referring specifically to the Mini?

I doubt the other Wii for sale here plays Gamecube games either. They removed that feature a few years ago. The biggest difference with the mini is it has no online whatsoever. That means no online play in the games that support it, no eshop downloads of virtual console games and no Netflix or Hulu plus.

Nintendo has shut down co-op play servers for many Wii games since the WiiU came out, including Mario Kart Wii.

For Mario Kart specifically, a group called Wiimmfi Project has started some independent servers, so you can still do co-op play online through their service.

Yes, the mini. It appears smaller, maybe it’s not. I don’t care about WiFi connectivity, I just want to play mariocart against one of the kids. Will it do that with the mini “kit”, or more controllers will have to be purchased?

Actually, if this is truly a vertically designed model, notice how the Wii logo is written, very well might be an old Wii with GameCube compatibility.

The real shocker, over $200 for a Wii? I can buy a refurb Wii U for $200 straight from Nintendo. Better really need GameCube compatibility to make this deal interesting. Then again, not hard to find a used Wii these days for much less.

So is the sports resort model able to play Gamecube games?

Yes the white one can play them. However, this “deal” stinks. Wiis can be found in plentiful supply elsewhere. Heck, Gamestop sells the backwards compatible Wii for $90 with 5 free games. I got a Wii in the original box with all hookups on Craigslist with 2 controllers and nunchucks, 2 games, and 2 guitar hero guitars for $55.

Agreed. Anyone paying over $200 for a Wii these days is not thinking straight.

You can buy a refurbished 32gig wiiu for $9 less than this wii. Disappointing deal