[DAILY DEAL 4/23/15] Mega Shirtstorm

Today at Shirt.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE SHIRT.WOOT STUFFS AND MOAR SHIRT.WOOT STUFFS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Mega Shirtstorm


Mega + Mugs…all right : )

Please, please, please print some Death Served Til Noon tote bags again! I use mine all of the time and it’s really, really starting to show :confused: I need a new one, maybe 10…

The Apron of Baking is linking to the pi day event.

Two of the aprons (Cutie Pie and Apron of Baking) are showing sold out already. NOOOOOO!

My wallet may dread shirt storms, but not me! In for two tees.

Thanks, I let the team know. I broke it more when I tried to fix it. Check back :slight_smile:

Sounds good


The mobile app states free shipping but it is adding the $5.00 shipping.

Gentleman T really needs to be a mug. Would buy that in a second.

Annoyed that I just bought 2 of the shirts now $7 for $10 and $8 on 4/8… one of which I still haven’t received. Love that some of my favorite shirts become re-available after wearing them out, but price fluctuating up to $3 in 2 weeks is a little crazy, especially if the price is dropping on items before the customer receives the same item purchased at the higher price. You’ve let me down this time woot…

If that’s how woot lets you down, consider yourself lucky. Once again, they have an event teasing The Binge in mug form. I still hold naive hope that one day I’ll order that mug and receive it. But I’ve said that the last several times, too. I no longer have family enough to gift any more snowman mugs and I don’t like my neighbors enough to give them things.

Each thumbnail picture of that mug conjures dreams of sitting in my cubicle at work, sipping from a cup bearing one of the best designs to grace this site, a double dose of pick-me-up that a long work day desperately needs. Then it suddenly dawns on me that the coffee is decaf and the mug is another damned snowman. And I die a little inside.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

…really needs to be on a mug, please.

Yay! Mugs! I don’t think I can fit any more in my cupboard though.

YESYES!!! This needs to be a mug! I would buy!

Also Xenomorph should really be a pint glass…

Are the mugs Microwave & Dishwasher safe?

Yup. Reheated many a half cup of coffee in the nuke without worry. A couple dozen wash cycles and my army of snowman mugs have shown no wear. My newer mugs have not been as thoroughly tested, but no signs that they will fare differently.

Really want the Dalek Caffeinate in a mug!

Actually I wish these were TRAVEL mugs (preferred dishwasher safe) … “My Morning Sidekick” would have been cool in a travel mug. Then we could drink coffee in the CAR…

Grabbed “Critical Levels” and “Coffee Right Meow”…

Definitely would have bought for my boyfriend if available.