[DAILY DEAL 5/27/15] Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers - 5 Styles

Today at Home.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE CUISINART ICE CREAM MAKERS AND MOAR CUISINART ICE CREAM MAKERS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers - 5 Styles



Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers - 5 Styles
Price: $29.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, May 28 to Friday, May 29) + transit
Condition: New


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Great reviews on the Pure Indulgence machine over at Costco.com

Yes, and they’re selling brand-new ones on sale for $55. Their normal price is $70, so $65 (with shipping) for a refurb isn’t such a cool deal.

[MOD: The Pure Indulgence that we are selling is NEW. The others are Factory Reconditioned.]

So… it looks like the Indulgence model isn’t a refurb/reconditioned model. A lest, it’s got the same warranty as the Costco model, and it doesn’t say anything next to it, whereas the other ice cream makers specify that they’re reconditioned.

I purchased a refurb 1.5 quart one 2 or 3 years ago from Woot, and it’s still going strong. I use it frequently, too. Makes good ice cream, although I will say that the insert does not stay cold as long as other models I’ve had. It’s not an issue for most recipes, but if you make anything that needs longer churning you may have to adjust by making smaller batches, or finishing the solidifying process in the freezer. (Made a killer Kahlua ice cream with macadamia nuts and white chocolate chunks in mine just last week, as a matter of fact.)

I used to own one and ended up selling it (yard sale). Its not so much an ice cream maker as a chiller. Yes it churns and cools what you put in it, but it’s nothing like a real ice cream maker (more $$$). This thing basically chills the mixture that you prep. Can be delicious, but calling it ice cream is a bit of a stretch. So you might want to “chill” your expectations :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t mind if I add a general tip about ice cream making. A while back Cooks Illustrated magazine advised taking about a third of your base and freezing it solid, then mixing that in to the remaining 2/3 which you’ve also chilled overnight in the refrigerator. Stir it til it just melts into solution. That will drop the temperature of the entire base, allowing it to not only turn into ice cream more quickly, but also form larger crystals as it does so. And larger crystals mean a creamier confection. I’ve found it works very well, particularly as this Cuisinart has a shorter time window where the insert stays cold.

I have had one of these for a few years (picked it up from Costco). It makes amazing ice cream and I haven’t bought any of the commercially made junk since. I’ve made all sorts of flavors of ice cream and custard (bit more work with tempering eggs) from good old vanilla to bacon, maple syrup with pancakes, and fresh strawberry that is just amazing.

No, this doesn’t freeze and extrude soft serve ice cream, it properly chills down ice cream while preventing ice crystals from forming, then you need to put it in a container (those quart sized ziploc ones work very well for this) and put it in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Then you’ll have honest good hard ice cream.

I’ve had several friends, coworkers and family members go out and buy one after trying some of what I’ve made up.

If you like ice cream, get one of these. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to eat, easy to get fat.

Had this for nearly 10yrs and still works great!

Preparation: 5 minutes, plus 20 – 25 minutes chilling time; optional 2 hours to ripen.
Makes ten 1/2-cup servings.
1 cup whole milk, well chilled
3/4 cup granulated sugar
2 cups heavy cream, well chilled
1 – 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract, to taste
In a medium bowl, use a hand mixer or a whisk to combine the milk and granulated sugar until the sugar is dissolved, about 1 – 2 minutes on low
speed. Stir in the heavy cream and vanilla to taste. Turn machine on pour mixture into freezer bowl through ingredient spout and let mix until
thickened, about 25 – 30 min add fruit ect at end.

Without commenting directly on the items listed here, if you want to make ice cream with a freezable bowl and you already own a stand mixer (like may of the ones woot has sold), I would recommend getting the bowl that works with it instead. We do this at home, and we get great ice cream (though we mostly make sorbet) and with no worries about burning up the motor because there is a slip drive attached to the (much more substantial) mixer paddle.

I have one of these. It works great. I have had a hard time finding ice cream that doesn’t have artificial thickeners (guar gum etc.) without paying a lot. This let’s you put in what you want.
Mine works well, however, I have my freezer very cold plus chill all of the ingredients to almost freezing ahead of time.

I disagree. I’ve got one of the smaller ones, and I get ice cream with proper ice cream texture. I chill the ingredients, churn, and then put in the freezer. I use containers smaller than a quart because I eat it more slowly.

I have one of these and it works well. Paid about the same off of wayfair or some sort of home goods based site a couple years back.
I made sorbet a couple days ago that turned out perfectly. I picked up a trick on the interwebs that helped immensly.
For perfect sorbet texture the key is to measure using an egg. Since sorbet is basically just water and sugar (water in the form of fruit juice usually) the texture is all about sugar concentration.
You want to make it a little too sweet as freezing dulls the sweetness. Once you think the sweetness is good take an egg and lower it into your sorbet base. Ideally it should float to where about a nickel sized portion of the egg is showing. If it sinks or the visible part is smaller add more sugar, if the visible part is larger add more juice or a bit of water.
I just pureed/strained some berries, mixed with a basil simple syrup, and adjusted with this trick and it was the perfect texture.

I have the big one in red I got as a refurb for $39. It’s great.

You definitely want to chill your ingredients as cold as possible before use - I’ve had a couple recipes that didn’t quite “finish” and had to simply dump them in a bowl and put in in the freezer to set, simply because I started with warmer ingredients.

What is the difference between the $29 and $39 models? Both are 1 1/2 Qt right?

I’d like to know this as well. I couldn’t notice any discernible difference in the product info page either

What I found on Amazon is that the ICE-21 is the newer model of the ICE-20. Don’t know what they updated though.

UPDATE: Just found this - paddle design

OK, I’m not trying to be the grammar police here, but I am genuinely confused. From the Pure Indulgence description “Use: Prefreeze bowl for 6–22 hours before use. Do not place the bowl in the freezer for more than 30 minutes if it’s filled with frozen desserts or drinks. Do not add mix-ins larger than chocolate chips.”

Um, is that if the FREEZER or the BOWL is filled with frozen desserts or drinks? Srsly.

Pre-freeze the bowl empty.

Do not leave it in the freezer when it’s filled with the goodies. I’m assuming that expansion could damage the bowl.