[DAILY DEAL 6/11/15] Motorola SurfBoard Cable Modems

The SB6141 is not a router, it is only a modem…so it is only a bridge and requires you to have your own router. The SBG6580 is a router and I have no idea if it supports bridge mode. I would assume so, but have no experience with that device.

And in theory, it should be fine for a 105Mbps service. I know it is fine for TWC 105Mbps service…just assuming Comcast has similar requirements.

I was about to buy a SB6141…until I read up and realized it isn’t fast enough for my connection. :frowning:

Pretty much the same experience with Bright House and the 6141. Took quite a while with them. They flashed it. No internet. Luckily I work in IT and did a lot of troubleshooting for her. After putting me on hold she found a different ROM to flash and we were in business. I have not had the same issues with the old modem and I think I’ve only had to reboot twice in a year. They also continued to charge me but one phone call cleared it up and they refunded the back charges. I only have 15/1.5 so I’m not really pushing it yet.

How fast is your connection?

Does anybody have any experience with the SBG6580, the one with the router? Also, does anybody know if it works with Mediacom?

Motorola cable modems= Woot’s new Sansa mp3 player replacement for quantity of woots…

I have a 6580. The modem portion works fine, but I had nothing but problems with the wireless router. I use it in bridge mode with my own router.

There are no dumb questions, unless they describe CAT5 as coax, or vice versa.

This is THE one you want: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00721TUNS?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00

I bought one of these awhile back on here as well. Works great with my setup and much more reliable than the cable company supplied modem. Plus, I don’t pay $7 a month for their stupid modem. Paid for itself in like 6 months.

So the SB6121 has no remarks about condition…is it new or refurb???

TWC 300/20. From what I read, I need the 6183.

I still have most of my Sansa MP3 players…all from Woot. All of them still work just fine. Battery life is pretty much shot in most of them, but they serve their purpose when floating on the river and not willing to risk an expensive phone getting soaked.

This is correct. I called ARRIS customer support and even though the 6141 is technically capable of supporting 300+ Mbps, TWC caps it @ 100 Mbps.

I can’t speak for other ISP’s however.

I got this and a $20 WiFi router from ‘Zon, paired it all with my Comcast and I’m enjoying great speeds. I have a hardline going through 100’ of cable to my XboxOne and I get speeds in the mid 90s.

Took about 10 minutes and 1 phonecall to Comcast to get it running. Saves $8 off the bill, or roughly $96 per year which pays for itself in a few months.

Requires far less reboots than Comcasts modem, but the trade off is that you lose the tech support. Only complaint is that the made the lights bright enough to be visible from space. A piece of electrical tape fixes it nicely.

I have the 105mb service and i’m using the SB6141 Extreme White. My speedtests usually run about 124/24. I’m in need of changing because mine is defective and reboots several times per day. Considering this refurb to see if it’s better.

It’s factory reconditioned as well. It’s been added to the sale.

Does anyone know of any difference between the white 6141 and the black 6141? Only thing I saw on Google is that the black one may be older (before Arris bought Motorola’s cable modem division)

I bought an Action Tech Docsys 2.0 modem for $40 8 years ago on eBay for my newly installed Comcast service. I didn’t want to be charged $7 a month rental for the modem. After years of good reliable service I couldn’t get Comcast to give me reasonable price for their service so I canceled. Well Comcast said my modem belong to them even though there wasn’t a single word “Comcast” written on it. Comcast said that Action Tech made that particular modem I bought on eBay for them and that they owned the rights to it. They said if I didn’t turn it in with my cancelation they would charge me $90. I ended up turning it in and to this day I will never have Comcast as my provider again.

Exactly - if you are TWC in an area set for a MAXX upgrade - do NOT get these. You need one that can bond 16x4 channels, and the 6141 can only do 8x4. Heck, as of tonight I have a 6141 for sale - assuming my new 6183 gets delivered…

I did the same and have had the same experience. The lights really are brighter than necessary, but you can cover them with electrical tape or something similar. With the right color, you can still see the lights, but they won’t blind you as they do bare.