[DAILY DEAL 6/3/15] VIZIO Home Theater Soundbars

Today at Electronics.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE VIZIO HOME THEATER SOUNDBARS AND MOAR VIZIO HOME THEATER SOUNDBARS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

VIZIO Home Theater Soundbars


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VIZIO Home Theater Soundbars
Price: $59.99 - 169.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Jun 08 to Thursday, Jun 11) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out this review on the 42" model over at Cnet and check out the product page

I have the 42" 5.1 bluetooth unit from a previous woot and it is AMAZING! If you are in the market don’t hesitate! I wish I needed another…

I bought the 5.1bt in a prior woot. Great except the remote died within a few months. Also have a family member with a different model but same remote with the same problem. Started off with poor recognition of the remote requiring it to be directly in front and eventually just didn’t work.

Do rear speakers connect to the soundbar or the wireless Sub?

They connect (with wires) to the wireless sub

I’ve had mine for a while now in my masters bedroom and while it can’t compare to a full blown system in my basement that costs thousands, this unit has been fantastic.

Other than stupid user error mistakes, mine has had zero problems whatsoever. Easy set up, wireless sub, excellent Bluetooth connection and surprisingly great sound.

I’m tempted to get a second one just for the heck of it.

Can I connect my existing surround sound speakers (I have 2 front,2 rear and a subwoofer) to the $59 model? Thank you.

I jumped on the 42" 5.1 system when it was last on Woot. Unfortunately I’ve had some problems with it. First of all there was an issue where the sound would cut out when changing channels or sources on the TV or DVR. This is apparently a common issue and is usually remedied with a firmware update however mine would not take the update. Vizio swapped out the unit with another factory reconditioned unit but they were a nightmare to deal with.

There is also an issue with the subwoofer volume. Every time I power it on the subwoofer is at max volume, I have to adjust it with the remote every time. I’ve nearly figured out a workaround, it seems that the soundbar has to be powered on after the source is powered on. If it is turned on before the source is turned on the subwoofer is crazy loud.

All in all it’s a decent sounding unit but it’s a bit buggy and support is difficult to work with. Honestly I’d say skip this one.

Bought one of these new and put it in my basement to pair with a Vizio TV and XboxOne.

The sound is great. It works really nicely. Not the easiet to set up but not bad. The bluetooth functionality is nice, but honestly since it’s in my basement and hooked to my Xbox I don’t use the bluetooth at all.

One problem I have is with the satellite speakers. The don’t really give you a lot of cord and trying to place them is kind of awkward. They connect to the subwoofer so you have to put them about 10 feet from the sub. Problem for me was that my outlet for the sub is on the wall so I wanted to run the wire up the wall. You get the same amount of wire for both speakers so I had to buy an adapter and an extension for the speaker farthest from the wall.

TBH, surround sound isn’t that great of a thing to me. It’s either gimicky or absent and I’m finding it’s just not usually there. Even on video games I don’t really pick up things moving around the room or bullets flying over my head.For this reason, when I upgraded my main floor TV I went with a 2.1 system instead of the 5.1. I don’t notice a single bit of difference. I’ve had surround systems since they came out. They’re a big mess of cords and ugly speakers and really no big gain in experience.

But this is a great price. I dropped $300 on the 5.1 system new (but I think it’s the 48".)

Protip: pair it with your TV and you can just use your main TV remote to turn it on and off with the volume. It’ll shut off after a while of not being used and you wake it back up iwth volume. At least on a Vizio TV, which both of mine are.

Never had any cutting out issues with mine.

Just curious. Do you manually turn the sub on and off?

No, you can only add a powered sub to it.

I use the 29" model as my PC speaker. It’s connected to the PC sound outputs with RCA cables. It fits nicely under my monitor. It provides great sound for the price. I added a Monoprice 60 watt subwoofer after using it for about 6 months. Bluetooth works well and is handy for connecting devices.

I don’t care for the way the remote is set up, but you really need it unless you use it with a Vizio TV remote. I was pleased to find that Harmony Universal Remotes have this device in their database and was able to add it without the need for manual set up.

I got this same model (2013) and while I love it, wish I had the 2014 model. The two issues why I wish I had the new model:
1.) The remote display is abysmal and incredibly hard to view in any light. I found shining a flashlight on it at a certain angle made it barely readable. Good thing it isn’t used much in normal use. (Set and forget mostly)
The 2014 model has a much brighter remote display and easy to read in any conditions I hear.

2.) The cables it comes with for the rear speakers to the subwoofer are very short. I think they are 5ft and the 2014 model has 10ft cables. The good news is they are standard composite audio cables so easily replaced by longer ones if needed.

Overall this is one of the very few actual 5.1 soundbars out there that isn’t emulated with just 3 speakers in the soundbar and a sub. The wireless sub is incredible and reaches 15’ no problem in my implementation. The rears are competent, controls sufficient, and overall the sound is far far better than TV speakers while, expectedly, less than a full receiver and surround setup.

I would recommend this package at this incredible price though (I paid $203 for mine refurb’d) unless you can find the newer model for almost as cheap. Unfortunately there aren’t many other true 5.1 soundbar/bedroom solutions out there. Oh and the sub thumps pretty good and brings me back to my teenage years of wanting tons of bass no matter what!

Well, technically you can swap out the rears and connect new ones using composite cables (standard red/white/yellow) but you absolutely can’t swap out the sub. It is wireless and the only way to connect it to the soundbar so the rears must connect to the Vizio subwoofer. The rears seem to be standard speakers connected with a single composite cable.

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info, I think I’ll pass for now 'till I find out a little more info.

Would the 42" soundbar be worth using on a 60" Vizio TV? I have the Vizio mounted on the wall and would likely mount the soundbar either directly under the TV on the mount (it’s a cantilever mount) or directly onto the drywall.

Either way, the TV width is 54" so that leaves 6" of TV past each end of the centered soundbar. Is this too small?