Daily Offer 1/1/15: Sony Batteries

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Sony Batteries
Price: $17.99 - 29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Jan 06 to Friday, Jan 09) + transit
Condition: New


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I’d purchase the batteries, but I hear Sony leaks. I head it over and over for weeks.

Comments from a previous sale

Since today is such “special kinda sale” on a special kinda day, any chances of a “Free Shipping” coupon checkout?

That has been my experience with Sony batteries, yes, they leak and the acid can eat through any metals in your battery operated tool/toy/flashlight/etc. if you don’t catch it immediately.

Plus, they are sometimes dead right out of the package.

No offense to Woot at all (except that they keep offering this junk) but Sony needs to leave the battery manufacturing to companies that do it correctly.

With a house full of kids, we got through batteries like crazy. My experience with these are ‘so-so.’ Yes they’re cheap (compared to Duracell 40 packs at BJ’s)… But I feel like you get what you pay for. I haven’t had a problem with leakage, but I feel like I replace the Sony batteries twice as fast.

I represent the U.S. Distributor of Sony STAMINA Plus batteries. I apologize if you’ve had a less than satisfactory experience as that is not a common experience. To date, we have not been made aware by any customer any issues with these batteries where they’ve been properly stored & used. These Sony STAMINA Plus batteries are manufactured by Sony (not a 3rd party Licensed deal like many other batteries) to the same High Quality Control & Performance standards Sony is widely recognized for across all Electronics categories. But again, if by very rare chance you have had a less than satisfactory experience with Sony STAMINA Plus batteries purchased from Woot.com, please contact our Customer Service Dept. at Order@PhoenixSalesUSA.com & a representative will be happy to assist you as needed. We appreciate your business!

Hi- Can I get the expiration date for this batch of batteries being offered?

We go through many (MANY!) batteries at our house with all our kids toys, games, devices, remote controls, etc. We’ve tried 'em all here on Woot & have found these Sony to be the best bang for our buck. They last long at a good price for us!


Including network infrastructure?

I got these when Woot! offered them on October 21st. I got AA’s because almost everything requires AA. I thought it would be nice to have a stash of batteries with Christmas around the corner. These batteries do not hold up at all. I’ve gotten more life out of no name batteries. I put 2 of these in a brand new LED candle my son got me for my birthday and it went dead after only 2 hrs. of use! I have gotten alot of DOA’s too. I had to buy more batteries (different name of course) just so my son could get his toys to work on Christmas. I am so dissapointed in these Sony batteries. I really can’t afford to throw money away.

I have nothing but the best success with the Sony batteries…They seem to really last a long time with my kids toys and our other our devices that use batteries.

I strongly recommend!

Interesting that my joke about batteries leak only if you play non-drm music magically vanished.

I was afraid some people might have believed it.