Daily Offer 1/26/15: Gunnar Gaming Eyewear

Today at Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE GUNNAR GAMING EYEWEAR AND MOAR GUNNAR GAMING EYEWEAR!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Gunnar Gaming Eyewear



Gunnar Gaming Eyewear
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I have a pair of gaming glasses similar to this. I found the eye strain benefits are marginal.

The best use for these is when you are driving at night! My pair spend more time in my car than they do in front of my computer!

Check out the product page for the Phenom

Alright, since I have bought a bunch of pairs of these, I work in front of screens most days, I thought that I should take a crack at a good write up.
One thing that you should probably be aware of is that these have a mild positive charge to them giving them an effective focus area of about 6 feet. These are also all the amber lens versions, which do give an amber tint to everything that you see. That comes into play for all the smart screens that we have that tend toward the blue end of the light spectrum. The yellow tint works to bring that to a warmer hue. This is where the lessening of eye strain happens.
If you need a more color correct lens that does this same thing, Gunnar offers a rose tinted one that works very well.
The other thing to consider is that these tend to run small. When you see that they have an “asian” fit or are medium, just go ahead and take some measurements to see if they’ll fit. I have a head that takes a large hat, and the “phenom” model is the only one that fits well, and that is mostly due to the spring loaded hinges, but they do fit well.
If anybody has any questions about these, I’ll check back later to hopefully give an unbiased opinion.

Gaming glasses? Oh please!!!

Really? “Gaming glasses”?

Is this tomorrow’s woot?



Just gonna throw my 3¢ in here. I’ve used tinted glasses for a few years (not Gunnar) and I was amazed at the difference it made. I’m at my computer all the time and I would have to use Refresh tears constantly. I also ended up with various problems due to eye strain.

When I started using them, that all went away.

So, don’t poo-poo something you haven’t tried. :tongue:

PS: I’ve used flux for years too. Didn’t help like the glasses did.

A free alternative I’ve been enjoying is the program F.lux:

Another birthday in the books, and another year where Woot! doesn’t give me a Bag of Crap. sigh I’ll just eat this Bandolier of Carrots instead I guess :frowning:

Hi Guys-
Just want to make sure that you guys realize that the post above is a great endorsement of GUNNAR. We have spent a ton of time getting our optics right. That’s both in the lens design and the tint/filter comibination that allows us to tailor the light spectrum to what your eye likes to see. Our patents prevent other eyewear companies from doing that. Hence, the other guy’s stuff doesn’t work, but ours does, and does very well. Gaming Eyewear is a good title for it, but it’s really Computer Eyewear, our gaming styles just happen to be more headset friendly. Same lens.

Hope everyone has been reading the recent research about how the overabundance of blue light in digital screens is affecting melatonin production and messing with circadian rhythms. Plus, in our independent studies done at three different medical facilities with a test group of over 100 patients, we found that the relief of dry-eye was the number one most reported benefit. It’s a real deal. GUNNARs help. You’d have a tough time finding an eye doctor that will tell you they don’t.

PS…in case you haven’t figured out, I work for GUNNAR. full disclosure.

If your Ophthalmologists says you need something like this wouldn’t your insurance pick up some (all) of the bill?

I am not a fan of buying any product/service for a medical condition unless I have a solid reason to do it. The more complicated the issue (my eyes) the more I rely on EXPERT OPINION. Its sort of like doing Brain Surgery on yourself because a web page said its a great idea.

Which ones are the ones in the top banner? Why show off a pair that’s not even part of the sale (if they aren’t)?


Check your insurance. I have to go to an ophthalmologist due to strabismus. My regular insurance covers that. However, glasses are covered by vision insurance.


At GUNNAR we definitely encourage everyone to go get an eye exam at least once a year. Typically an optometrist will do your yearly screening. If there are advanced medical problems, they will refer you to an ophthalmologist. Feel free to ask about GUNNARs when you go. Most docs know about us and speak very favorably even though they’d rather sell you an expensive pair of custom prescription lenses.

GUNNARs are eligible for HSA and FSA reimbursement (even these sold on Woot!). Likewise, most vision plans cover GUNNAR, but you need to submit an out of network form to get them covered if you buy them from the web. If you go to your eye doctor, they will look up your insurance reimbursement and most likely do the submission for you.

PS GUNNAR does custom Rx as well…just not for 39 bucks on Woot!

Oops. Not a style that is in the deal today. In fact, not a style that has ever been sold in USA. It was an exclusive for our European distributor.

LOL: I am a physician. Right before i read your post, i messaged a patient of mine who is battling dry eyes that she might like to try this product and see if that helps!
I am pleased to see that you respect your doctor’s opinion. I can tell you that I have never seen anything in our general literature about the wearing of glasses being hurtful with the exception of glass lenses being potentially dangerous (polycarb being the safest, particularly for activities) and wearing sunglasses that are NOT UVA and UVB protective are dangerous.