Daily Offer 1/5/15: 800TC 100% Cotton Sheet Sets-4 Sizes-6 Colors

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800TC 100% Cotton Sheets-4 Sizes-6 Colors
Price: $69.99 - 89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jan 06 to Wednesday, Jan 07) + transit
Condition: New


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Some Info on thread count
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All the what now?

After buying several sets of sheets online, I’ve found that 1000 thread count is a minimum. 1600 is really nice.

Holy sheet!!! What a deal!

It says name your towel…but these are sheets…I’m so confused. This must have something to do with Monday.

The threads used to make 800 tc sheets are finer than those used for “normal” sheets, so wouldn’t 800 tc sheets be ridiculously THIN? Yes, they might be soft as a result, but wouldn’t the sheets be so paper-thin (actually THINNER than paper) that they would wear out faster than, for example 300 tc sheets (which by definition would be more than twice as thick)?

Help me understand!

Woot writer fail!

It is true that some manufacturers will exaggerate their thread count in various ways.

We work directly with our manufacturers. They are great peeps and they do not exaggerate thread count. You’re getting a full yarn at the thread count specified.

This is a very good article regarding thread count and why anything over 500-600 is a bit of a scam.

Cal King flat sheet is the same size as the regular King flat sheet. Taking shortcuts to save money at the expense of taller people who need Cal King beds. No sale here.

Kevinwoot - years ago you could buy 300 TC sheets that were thin but soft & smooth as a BB. No more. Somebody once told me that textile mfg’s twist the threads now to get a higher TC and thicker feel, but at the cost of making the finished sheet feel scratchy. I’m down to one last set of soft smooth sheets (polyester by the way) with untwisted threads and I dread the day when they give out. I’ve even bought the $175 Lee sheets that are supposed to be so great, and they feel scratchy too. Bummer! Advice anyone??

Our flat sheets are already oversized to allow for deep mattresses - that is, a longer hang and length.

Our King Flat: 110" x 108"
Normal King Flat: King 108 x 102"

That should help you with Cal King.

I bought these in October. They are oversized, and will likely fit most mattresses, even deep pocket types. The queen set I purchased fits my deep mattress with room to spare. The flat sheet is oversized, too.

They seem to have a good balance of soft to durable. Pleasantly smooth with a little bit of “crisp” to them.

This set hasn’t been through the wash too many times yet, so I can’t tell you anything about wear. But so far, I’m happy with them.

I once purchased a set of Banyan Organic Cotton 325 thread count sheets here, and then found more elsewhere. They are thin and light, which I like, they wash beautifully and get softer with each wash. Google around.

And yes, you want long staple single ply threads for a truly luxurious sheet. Many manufacturers do ‘twist’ threads together so that there are more threads per square inch, but they are twisted and the sheets often end up just heavy, and not very soft.

You are correct that the yarn used for higher thread count sheets is thinner thanthat which you would find in say a 300 thread count. The fact is though that you are packing an awful lot of yarn into the same space - 1 square inch. The fabric in many cases actually turns out to be heavier because of the number of yarns used. A good quality yarn in this case is made from very long fibers. It I soft and durable. I think you will be pleased with the product.

Harvey Wooding

There is no scam going on here. It is completely normal practice to have the same size flat sheet in a regular king vs a cal king sheet set. The mattress for a cal king is 72X84 vs 78X80 in a regular king. The fitted sheet accommodates that difference.
But there is more in this case - Woot has chosen to offer this sheet set using premium sized flats (extra large). The flat sheet in this set for a king is 110X108 vs 102X108 in regular sized sheet sets. So when you buy the cal king from Woot you get a fitted sheet that fits properly and an extra large flat. WIN/WIN

Harvey Wooding

I am curious how the current offer here may compare to the following previous offer, which I purchased and like very much.

Anyone have any idea? Thanks!

I don’t see anything here about single, long staple fibers, nor does it appear to be Egyptian Cotton–here is the info from the post for the sheets you bought.

Update your bedroom with this luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton sheet set. With sheets as soft as these, you will never want to get out of bed.

100% Premium Egyptian Cotton
Single-ply for a true thread count measure
Luxurious sateen finish
Single-ply sheets use individual, un-plied threads in the weaving process, resulting in a lighter weight fabric with luxurious drape

If I had to guess, I’d say that these sheets would be heavier and not as soft–the weave-type is the same, sateen (which I prefer) tends to be much smoother than percale (which is crisper and many other people prefer). Were I you, and I liked the sheets you bought last time around, I wouldn’t get these, primarily because there’s no info about how the thread count is achieved–whether or not it’s single ply. Just a few thoughts (who knew I had any to spare?)