Daily Offer 1/7/15: Liquid Image HD Action Goggle Camcorders


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LINK TO THE OFFER: http://electronics.woot.com/plus/liquid-image-hd-action-goggle-camcorders



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Liquid Image HD Action Goggle Camcorders
Price: $79.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 days (Thursday, Jan 08 to Friday, Jan 09) + transit
Condition: New


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Product Page for the 384BLK


Walking through a carwash would not be the dry experience you are hoping for - unless you think they come with a SCUBA adapter kit.


they sell the red one for the same price on the website you linked. I have a feeling with shipping and no tax it will be less then the 79.99 + 5 ship + 5 = 90 woot charges

It’s on the warehouse clearance page on the website


USPS Standard Post at $11.39 USD

But what the heck. Electronics bosses are at CES and must be in a good mood. They’ve lowered the price on the red ones to $69.99.

Now, please buy a pair or three so we an pay for these trips.


384 shows $199 :frowning:


I have a pair of these for snowboarding that I got from Woot about 2 years ago. I really like them. They provide really nice video. I am usually snowboarding where in the trees so it lets my girlfriend sort of enjoy it with me.

I will say the goggles are a little heavier than normal ones and I have started wearing normal ones when I don’t want to video something.


Wait, why are the red ones a lower price? Are they a different (cheaper) model than the white or black ones? Or is the lower price just because they’re red?


They’re all different:

White: Liquid Image 384W 720p Offroad Goggle Camcorder
Black: Liquid Image XSC 384BLK 720p 5.0MP All-Sport Snow & MX HD Video/Camera Goggles
Red: Liquid Image **Impact Series ** HD 365R Offroad Goggle Camcorder, 720p, 5MP, H.264, 136° FoV, microSDHC - Red

The Liquid Image site may help you understand the difference.


It comes ready-to-use with the strap and lens. You can have a multi-purpose goggle by replacing the lens & strap as needed.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll see the different lenses that are available.


Found this spec sheet on the mfr’s web site, which shows that the cameras in model 365 and model 384 are identical (same specs).



Have and have used the off-road model. I race motocross. They do work and give you a video with a unique perspective.

A decent deal. We’re a dealer in the motorcycle biz, so we know what the dealer costs are. These were selling for nearly $200 last year.

Quality is quite good and these are high quality items with lots of accessories. This is a good deal at pretty close to dealer cost.

Bargain at this price. Liquid Image is moving out all prior models and has new stuff coming, but not sure what. The mobile video market is changing rapidly.


So the red one has a clear lens and a nose guard, designed for motocross racing. It “can be converted to a Snow Goggle by changing the lens, nose guard, and strap for Xtreme Sport Action during the Winter.” The manufacturer’s web site http://www.liquidimageco.com/collections/all-sport offers the skiing lens for $24 and the snow strap for $13. So the red one’s not a good deal if you want to use it for skiing/snowboarding.

The white one has the clear lens but no nose guard.

The black one has an amber double-pane lens for skiing. This would be the only one of interest to skiiers/snowboarders, since they need the double-pane lens.

…although actually, the manufacturer is selling model 365 on their web site, in either black or red, and they’re including THREE lenses (a medium clear, a large clear, and an amber double-pane) for $99: http://www.liquidimageco.com/collections/warehouse-clearance/products/impact-series-model-365-hd-720p-snow-bundle

…so the manufacturer is selling one with THREE lenses for $99… and Woot is selling one for the same price with ONE lens. There’s a slight difference in model number, but both have the identical 720p camera. I think I know which is the better deal!

Just found this: if you enter discount code ACDS00111 on the mfr’s web site, you get $20 off! I picked up a pair with three lenses for $79 + $12.27 shipping, or $12 less than woot’s shipped price.


Thanks, just placed the order on their site. BTW, the Liquid Image site checkout process totally blows. I can’t believe how horrible the process was before I got a confirmation (multiple screens showing the same info again and again!)


Hey TT,
Do these (black in particular) fit over glasses?


I really don’t know. I don’t think we got samples (everyone is at CES) and it would kinda depend on the glasses.

Maybe talk with the Liquid Image folks?


Coupon code “ACDS00111” got me 16 bucks off. With shipping to Miami, the red ones totaled just over $76 dollars from the manufacturer. Comes with an extra lens if you get it from them.


did. awesome thanks


I have had a pair of the 1080p offroad version for about 2 years. I’m not sure if they are a slightly different version or what since they are older. This is a good price.

Best perspective, easy to set, no futzing with where the camera is pointing (but it is slightly adjustable vertically).

Easy to use buttons/lights - checking what mode it is in and whether it is recording or not is easily done yourself. No more video of your friends faces right in front of the camera and giving a thumbs up.

Great sound - my Gopro type cameras always have crappy sound in their protective case or wind noise when out and on top of my helmet or mounted to my chest. Never have that problem with these in my helmet. Other uses my vary.

Decent Camera

Cons - While I list a lot more cons, none are really BAD, this is just in comparison to a GoPro.

Not the most comfortable to wear. As mentioned by others, I would also rather were my regular goggles unless I am videoing.

Camera and battery limit field of view

Pictures is decent, but not great. I just uploaded this video as it is the only “virgin” video I have that I didn’t edit and potentially screw up the quality during export: http://youtu.be/a6VygDzFfw4
I think the quality on youtube is still slightly worse than the original.

Only one real “view” option. Can’t mount anywhere else.

Clumsy on and off. Instead of video of your friends faces, you will have random shaky video of you pulling the goggles forward while you look at the lights.

Very fish-eyey - watching my own vids from this often makes me nauseous.