Daily Offer 1/8/15: Jongo Wireless Speakers


Today on Electronics.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you all the wireless

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE SALE: http://electronics.woot.com/plus/jongo-wireless-speakers



Jongo Products Page


One would only hope that Woot would not make the same mistake of not previewing a product from another little known name such as the XWAVE Bluetooth speaker debacle. Sound was really bad on that one.


“Ready to Jongo”

Oh yeah, I am so ready to Jongo. Task me to Jongo.


Does this item only come in white or can we choose another color?


I actually have the A2 in black, hooked up with a small Pyle amp, and feeding out to some outdoor Yamaha speakers, and it works pretty well (the Jongo and the amp are inside).

The main two ways I use it are with the Pure Music app and selecting one of the free radio stations they have listed (there’s a bunch, and it’d be nice to have some type of filtering), or by connecting via Bluetooth and streaming Spotify or something.

I was basically looking for a Sonos-like solution for streaming music to some outside speakers, and landed on this. Pretty happy with it, though I’m looking to see what Google’s doing on the Chromecast/audio front and seeing if that would be a good replacement.

Otherwise, I’m happy with the current setup, I haven’t had any issues with it.

Edit: Mine was purchased new, so not sure on the reconditioning.


I have a couple of the S3 speakers and really like how they sound. These are an alternative to the much more expensive Sonos and I believe the sound is close, maybe not up to par, but for the price you cannot go wrong.

IMPORTANT: on first setup, connect the speakers to wifi using your phone/tablet and their pure connect app. The moment you connect them, they will be off updating their firmware for a while. BE PATIENT! One of mine took about 15 minutes to update while the other took 1+ hours to update the firmware. As you can see, one updated faster than the other and for a moment I thought the other was DOA. It is obvious it is updating because their light indicator blinks between orange and green and you cannot do anything to it while it is doing this. Also, the one that took the longest decided, on its own, to update again after a couple of days and was down for another 1/2 hour.

After the firmware update, the one thing I really enjoyed about the speakers is that you can set them up in different rooms/areas and listen to the same stream. I have used their app to listen to both in different areas and, also, their Bluetooth Caskeid. The app is ok, not the greatest but you can stream 10k+ radio stations and if you subscribe you can, also, stream specific artists. More than anything I use their Bluetooth Caskeid which allows you to connect to one of the speakers through Bluetooth and that speaker will connect to the others via wifi, therefor extending your range. Using this method I can stream any app I like, Pandora, slacker, and others.

I, also, got one of the A2 adapters but have not set it up yet. based on what I have experienced with the speakers it should be pretty cool, once setup with my own NAS.

One thing to note, the battery life on the S3 states 20 hours, that may be so at low volumes, if you have it at max it is more like 8-10 hours.

Another thing I forgot to add, you can change the color of the grills. They sell them on their website and on e&@y


I see the speaker units have line-in aux connectors. Will they transmit the line-in audio to other units?


These things aren’t cheap at Walmart … of all places.