Daily Offer 10/2/14: Pinnacle Home Theater Soundbars

Today at Sellout.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE PINNACLE SOUNDBARS AND MOAR PINNACLE SOUNDBARS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Pinnacle Home Theater Soundbars


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Pinnacle Speaker Front Row PBAR 6200
Amazon reviews seem better than NewEgg Reviews
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Check out these comments from when the PBAR 6200 was sold last year

Hello WOOT community. I am Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER consumer division. Pinnacle is a family owned and operated USA based company, established in 1976. This event features our top selling single SOUNDBAR and SOUNDBAR + Matching Wireless powered subwoofer. These EXCLUSIVE deals are priced well below their performance standard.

The SOUNDBAR category was developed to dramatically improve the “acoustically challenged” super thin TV’s. Todays TV are stunning in picture quality and a marvel for doing so with such thin depth. But, the tradeoff is virtually no acoustic fidelity quality. And so, you will, in most all cases, want to add a SOUNDBAR or SOUNDBAR + Subwoofer to create a TV soundsystem. Soundbars are not home theater systems. They are TV sound systems.

Adding the Subwoofer provides significant added and necessary depth especially for music and movies.

Established in 1976, for nearly 4 decades Pinnacle is now the oldest independently owned and operated USA based speaker company with the longest running management team in the industry. We are famous in the Speaker and consumer electronics industry and known specifically for superior performance, innovative engineering and old fashioned, personal service.

We make amazing products and have sold millions of speakers. We have products ranging from “BUDGET AUDIOPHILE” to TRUE AUDIOPHILE up to $8,000. We offer these exclusive and honestly ridiculous “no brainer” deals to WOOT as an exclusive buy it now, snooze or lose opportunity.


These products include remote, cable and hook up is a snap. IN about 5-10 minutes from box to full set up. The beauty of these is only 1 wire. Soundbar to TV and that is it. (And we provide the cable)

I will be here monitoring the forum to assist in answering any and all questions regarding these products. I have been with Pinnacle for over 10 years and I will proudly tell you,we make terrific products. I am quite knowledgeable about our products and speakers in general, but if something is technically beyond me, I have access to one of our audio engineers for the highly technical questions. There is no such thing as a “DUMB” question. So, if you have a question, please ask. Chances are your question will also help many other Woot forum people.

I am a specialist in Pinnacle,and
thanks for your participation in this forum


Yep, smoke and mirrors.

If you believe a 1.75" driver is even close to a “woofer” as hawked, I’ve got some beach property in Arizona for sale.

Most tweeters (2Khz-20Khz) are that size…it’s all about the law of physics here. Don’t care if you have 20 of them, they just can’t drive the air to produce anything decent below upper midrange.

I purchased the 2.1 Soundbar system a few woots ago. The system works ok, but the subwoofer seems to cut in and out when the bass track is low. This ends up being super annoying, so most of the time, I am leaving the Pinnacle speaker off.

I wanted to love it, as Pinnacle sounds like a great company, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

The low end frequency on front rowPbar 6200 is 125HZ ± 6 db. This is considered to be upper MIDBASS in audio jargon, not tweeter frequency or midrange. For those of you who want a meaningful level of bass, well below 125 hz,down to below 50Hz, we recommend the system frontrowsys8210 with powered subwoofer. Most all Soundbars use fairly small drivers often to integrate with the low slim profile of the thin TV’s they mate to, it is true a single Soundbar will provide significant and dramatically improved acoustics from the basic TV, and it is also true that adding a powered subwoofer will dramatically enhance the bass performance from there.

Thank you for the comments,


I purchased the Front Row Sys 8210 almost 2 years ago here at Woot.

This is my second time posting on the item. I bought for 100 more than what it’s being currently offered today. I went out on a limb as I had never heard of Pinnacle Speakers before. I must say that I’m happy with my purchase. It’s not a soundbar that will blow your socks off, but the clarity of the audio is very nice. The subwoofer could be more powerful, but it adequately feels the room with bass when needed. I haven’t experienced the subwoofer cutting off, as another Wooter experienced.

The only negative I can mention about the product is that the volume seems to get stuck on high when it’s first turned on and the only way to turn it down is to switch between sources on my Tv. After that the volume setting doesn’t malfunction and the bar responds to the remote’s commands.

I have been able to listen to similar products from Boston Acoustics, Vizio, Phillips, and Samsung. This one is superior in comparison.

IMO, at this price, it’s a bargain.

I bought the 6200 last year for $10 more – it will be a year ago tomorrow, as a matter of fact. To my ears, it is a noticeable improvement over the sound of the flatscreen, for run-of-the-mill TV viewing. However for movies, concerts, and the like, it seems a bit underwhelming and I usually turn on my sound system in addition.

One gripe, which I have learned to live with, is that the clock (which is visible whenever the unit is on) can’t be relied on. It runs fast. (At least it does on the one I received.) I corresponded with Pinnacle CS a few times, and while the people were very nice, essentially they said there was nothing to be done for it.

(We keep a VCR in the TV cabinet, solely for the clock!)

Of course if you dim it too much, you may have trouble seeing the display when you change the volume level. For the same reason, the workaround of putting tape over the display isn’t a good idea – though I considered it!

Bottom line – not a bad item, but if you are the kind of person who gets fixated on things like inaccurate clocks and will be unhappy every time you look at the display, it might not be the soundbar for you. (Oh and note the use of “bonus” and “not considered essential” – this translates to, “not covered under warranty”.)

Now here’s a great buy and GREAT sound - Sony soundbar with sub for $99. http://electronics.woot.com/?ref=cnt_ft_el_2

Hi Arin -

I purchased one of the Pinnacle Speakers Front Row System 8210 & received it a few days back.

When it’s working, the sound is a MASSIVE improvment over the stock speakers on our thin TV. But today (3 days after I set it up) the wireless subwoofer has started cutting out and back in and back out again for some reason. Can you help me out with a fix for this, or an explanation as to what might be causing it?

Thank you!

I’m not sure Arin will see your post. You might want to contact Pinnacle directly; sorry you’re having trouble.

thanks manhandsha - i’ve tried emailing them already, but no reply yet. thought i’d try here when i saw that someone from Pinnacle had commented :frowning: