Daily Offer 11/15: Jared Lang Men's Shirts

It IS EXPENSIVE! And what makes it more expensive is that you can’t return it if it’s the wrong fit. If you must have one of these shirts, spend 3 or $4 more and buy it at a local retailer where they will bend over backwards to please you…and certainly allow you to return for a full refund.

Yeah, if the guys aren’t included I’m out.

Bonzo Dog Band sings about shirts after a skit about…shirts.

Since when is 55 bucks for a shirt a good deal?
All I can say is, meh

The perfect stocking-stuffer for your Hipster Lumberjack!

Are there any “fair trade” apparel sites? If I’m going to pop $55 for something made is who-knows-where, I want to be sure the poor clown who made it is getting more than ten cents per shirt.

Of course it’s not a good deal; it’s $55 for a shirt. A shirt. S-h-i-r-t shirt. A gorram shirt.

But if you do think these shirts are something you’d buy for far, far less money, then consider this: If they’re on a liquidation site like w00t, then they’ll soon be in your neighborhood thrift store for $4 or less.

Could be he’s licensed to carry small arms??

Those shirts are Gay!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anyone who buys any shirt other than the 3 wolves howling at the moon shirt will never survive the apocalypse.

The mighty Chuck Norris hangs his on his Total Gym and touches it for daily sustenance.

Consider yourselves warned.

Hey, Woot, these shirts look nice but it’s hard to buy apparel online without a little more information! Maybe you could include the measurements of the model, and the size they are wearing, like Amazon’s other site myhabit?

In for one. The scruffy one.

Just one clothing set is included? Not that it matters, the clothes will just get lost anyway.

It looks like only two have pockets, but the description doesn’t say. Is a pocket an option?

Guy in front: “I’m Larry, this is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl.”


Went to the link you posted but they dont have any sizes… I found them on the www.jaredlangcollection.com website for $190

$159 for flannel? Can’t imagine why these have been discounted. End of sarcasm.

Yeah these REALLY expensive $55 shirts probably won’t match with most velcro route 66 sneakers…

I purchased 2 the last time Woot offered. I wear a large to XL normally. Purchased XL’s and they are so small I couldn’t even get the chest to button. Waste of $110. I would have paid to change sizes. Be very careful on sizing…

I would have bought at least 2 if woot accepted returns or size exchanges