Daily Offer 12/10/14: Western Digital Networking

Today at Electronics.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE WESTERN DIGITAL NETWORKING AND MOAR DIGITAL NETWORKING THAT IS CERTAINLY NOT EASTERN DIGITAL NETWORKING!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

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Western Digital Networking
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Time to learn everything you would ever want to know about WD

I’ve spent hours trying to get the MYnet Extender working…just about to send them back!

I’ve got the N600 at home, and I’ve set one up for my mother-in-law. They are a bit finicky, and I’ve had to deal with rebooting them multiple times. Even setting it up as a simple switch in my basement ended up giving me headaches.

Western Digital makes good hard drives. I wouldn’t recommend them for routers.

I have a MyNet N750. It works great as long as you have a slow internet connection. It was easy to set up using its built-in web GUI.

However, when I ran internet speed tests, it was a perfectly flat 10 Mbps. Tried different computers and played with the settings, but it appears that the WAN port is only capable of 10 Mbps.

I replaced it with a DLink DIR-835 with similar specs. DLink direct re-furb was only $30 shipped. Loaded DD-WRT onto it and speed test shows 40 Mbps as it should.

Two Bands! OK - I’m dense when it comes to this stuff so I need a guru to help or maybe someone with the skills of today’s adolescent.

This boasts that I can have two bands running at 300MBS or something like that at the same time. So I have to name two different networks like “IDIOT1” and “IDIOT2,” right?

Also, if this can do 2 x 300MB then can’t I just have “IDIOT1” use all 600MBs!?

Bought the 600 about a year ago. It lasted 6 months before I gave up on it. It needed constant resets and would drop the wifi signal on a pretty consistant basis. I did like the WIFI storage option, I just wish that it could have been a little more consistant.

Spend a little more and get something you know will work.

I’ve had the N750 router for over a year and it’s worked great. Only had to reboot once. I use Comcast Blast speed and the N750 handles it no problem. It was so easy to set up, just follow the instructions. This is my first router so I can’t compare to others. I paid a lot more than $20

WikiDevi page

And for instant gratification, the OpenWRT page for the N750 (lots of innards info):

and the N600: