Daily Offer 12/14: 500TC 100% Pima Cotton Damask Bedding-9 Colors

For those asking Percale vs. Sateen…
I would say neither? I purchased these last time around. I prefer Percale, these aren’t that but they aren’t the slippery Sateen I dislike either, something in between.
I do like them.


Thanks for actual useful input!

The question remains: are these sheets made in the same fashion described by the mod above? “the stripes are made by alternating a sateen weave with a matte weave.” If so, I would call them sateen weave sheets.

Also, the sheets I have that I like and would want to replace are a Kirkland/Costco item, kinda on the old side (Costco now carries Sateen like everyone else, I’ve tried them and don’t like them). They are labeled 100% Supima (trademark pima cotton), made in India.

Both these sheet sets are from Costco (the older, crisp ones and newer, limp Sateen) are damask stripe, so that doesn’t really tell me anything about the quality. It is confusing, and disappointing.

Of course, I’d love to find that Woot was offering just what I’d been searching for. But you can’t take a chance as they don’t take returns.

Do the fitted sheets have deep pockets?

Never mind. I missed the earlier explanation. No need to reply.

I LOVE these sheets. We got some on our wedding registry from Macy’s and have since purchased them again. Personally, I always recommend white sheets because they can be bleached for that deliciously clean smell. I like these because they are 100% cotton (unlike many others you’ll find with higher thread counts) and they are cool to the touch. We also have the duvet cover which has held up nicely. All in all, a good bargain for the price. If I hadn’t just purchased a second set for each room, I would order more!

Yes, these are made in the fashion that the mod described above.

I would still call them a damask or dobby weave, they have a different feel than both sateen and percale weaves.

These sheets are constructed in the same manner with the same high quality cotton that you would find in a department store.

Try vintage. There’s a lot of new in package vintage sheets out there. Percale wears better too.

Beware of using chlorine bleach too often. It’s tough on the fabric, and your sheets may tear more easily, or just lose body. It’s also not great for the environment, though I use it occasionally around the house. There are a couple of other ways to get that great smell. The best one is to hang the sheets outside to dry. It’s really not that hard to do, and that’s the best smell you can get in a bedsheet! Plus they come out wrinkle free. Or try using Borax; it’s a natural mineral/laundry booster that won’t harm the fabric. Just be aware that chlorine bleach can and will weaken the fabric.

What a rip off! We were ordering sheets and just got pillow cases! Can you say “bait and switch”!
This is the most ridiculous purchase I have ever made online!