Daily Offer 12/22/14: All Seasons Down Alt Reversible Comforter-3 Sizes-12 Colors

Today at Home.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL COMFORTERS AND SO MANY MORE COMFORTERS THAT IT’S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO BE COMFORTABLE!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE OFFER: [url=http://home.woot.com/plus/all-seasons-down-alt-reversible-comforter-3-sizes-12-colors-1]http://home.woot.com/plus/all-seasons-down-alt-reversible-comforter-3-sizes-12-colors-1[/url]


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Down Alt Reversible Comforters - 3 Sizes
Price: $19.99 - 29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days. (Wednesday, Dec 24 to Thursday, Dec 25) + transit
Condition: New


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Comments/Discussion from August’s Sale

These keep you warm, but you get what you pay for. It comes in a vacuum-shrunk package and needs some time to “inflate” when you take it out. The stitching isn’t all that great either and I’ve had to “snip” some fabric from the seams where the opposite side’s color was coming through the comforter.

Also, upsize to the next size up if you have a queen size bed at least. I bought the king and it barely covers my queen size bed adequately, especially at the foot of the bed.

Bought this on a previous sale and the wife and I are happy with it. Looks good and is surprisingly warm for it’s thickness. Just this morning I noticed some loose stitching however, so I’ll keep my eye on it, but so far I would not hesitate (and may even do so) to purchase another as a backup.

Went in with 2 friends and bought 3 last time (Nov 19, 2014). I received mine first, threw it in the dryer on low for about 15 minutes and it fluffed right up. Very warm (maybe a little too warm sometimes), and as others have noted, some threads needed to be trimmed. Otherwise, these are awesome. Colors are as vibrant as pictured and we all love them. I would not hesitate to buy another.

Where can I see all the colors?

Bought one of these last time and buying another for backup (a pet has an injury and just stained it yesterday). The one I currently have I’ll dedicate to the pet since she loves the texture of the fabric, too.

I live in the desert and this is the perfect amount of warmth for the winter without being bulky and heavy. It still feels like it breaths and traps warm air in (except dutch ovens, those don’t get stuck).

Not sure if mine was a fluke, but I haven’t noticed any loose stitches or anything coming out of it. For the price, I really can’t complain at all.

Click on the size you’re ordering. The colors will show up on that page.

“you get what you pay for” is spot on. It’s definitely not worth more than what you’re paying… and since it says they normally go for like $200… I had to laugh when I got it.

Both Target and Wal-mart have a version of this for $19.99 - 34.99, 365 days a year…

Click on the picture to go to the sale detail page. There’s a gallery photos there.

Still hasn’t shipped after 12 days.

Seriously, I realize it’s the holidays and everything, but 12 days?

Edit: and not more than 20 minutes after posting this it is delivered…

Still shows as not shipped though. Your logistics suck, Woot.