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TDK Blowout
Price: $59.99 - 74.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 days (Thursday, Jan 01 to Friday, Jan 02) + transit
Condition: New


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4.8 Stars on the TDK A33 over at B&H Photo


Woot lists the dimensions for the A33 as Dimensions: 11.8 x 5.2 x 5.1", while Amazon says they are 3.7 by 9.5 by 2 inches (H x W x D). Which is correct?


Best Buy also lists the same specifications:

(Amazon listing incorrect?)


I just measured mine and Amazon’s dimensions are correct.

I paid ~$120 for a new one through the mothership a while back and have been mostly happy with it. The build quality is great and it’s very hefty. It’ll put out quite a bit of sound for the form factor and can handle a decent amount of bass if the volume isn’t too high. At lower volumes, it’s shocking how fat and robust the low end is for such a small speaker. Even though the bottom has rubberized feet and a nice little miniature kickstand to help sound project up a bit, it’ll still move around if it’s placed on a slick surface.

I had mine perched on a ledge that was just wide enough for the speaker. When a particularly bass-heavy song came on, it vibrated off the ledge and fell two feet onto a radio on another level and completely shattered the radio’s plastic display. The TDK itself was completely undamaged.

I’ve got mine paired to a phone and a tablet and it has no issues connecting to either device. I use an app called Music Volume EQ to tweak the sound for a little less bass and a little more treble and the speaker handles it just fine.

The biggest down side so far is the short battery life. I get ~3 hours of play time with Bluetooth or using the Aux In. Charging seems to take forever, at least 5-7 hours, maybe more. The full size USB slot on the side is for charging a device, but with such short battery life I’ve never even tried to use it. The charger for the speaker is a barrel connector type so if you lose the charger you may have to go to Radio Shack or online to find a replacement.

Now that I’ve had mine for about a year and a half, sometimes it goes into a “safe mode” if the music is too loud, wherein it drops the volume and the low battery indicator starts to flash. Turing the volume up just makes it panic again. The solution is to power off and then turn the physical ON/OFF switch to OFF for a few seconds. It’s not a huge deal if I’m handy but I often use it in the bathroom while I shower and I don’t want to get out just to reset it. I’m hoping this is a glitch and not a sign the battery is starting to die already.

It’s not meant to be replaced, but apparently it can be done with the right tools.

Last but not least, it can answer calls and act as a speakerphone. I’ve used it twice and the caller’s voice was clear and easy to understand but they found my voice slightly muffled. Probably OK in a pinch but better just to be used as a music speaker.


The big one was $59 on Amazon yesterday - deal of the day


Actually the small one was $59. I saw it too. The larger one was on sale too for $74.99. I own the A33 (large one) and LOVE it. I got it last Christmas when my Bose went down. I like it better. We still have one Bose in the house but the TDK is the preferred speaker. I considered a 2nd one on Amazon and I’m looking here.


My wife bought this for me on the last woot 19 days ago, and gave it to me for Christmas. I use it when homebrewing in the garage. It isn’t the loudest speaker I own, but the sound is full and undistorted all the way up to maximum volume. The sound is also omni-directional, which is nice since I brew inside the garage and out.

The phone rang once while I was using it, and I tried answering it with the speaker. That didn’t go well, but I hadn’t read the directions and I was probably doing it wrong.

Finally, I keep my phone (the driving media device) on the wireless charger near the speaker. Since Lollipop has “trusted devices”, this speaker keeps it conveniently unlocked which is nice when I have to respond to timers or read recipes.

I love it so far!


Does it do this with the A/C attached? If so, perhaps it isn’t the battery.


Hi all. Found the manual which has the correct dimensions as noted above: 9.5"W x 3.75"H x 2"D


Why WOOT does not have AC Adapter listed in box but Amazon does? Does this peaker come with AC Adapter and user manual? Aamzonon also lists user manual?

I want to know what WOOT mean under “New Condition”. The item is sold as it is originally should or it has something that varies? Like missing accessory?


New means new just like you would buy at any other retailer.

There’s a picture in the gallery showing that it comes with the adapter. I’ll see if they can add it to the “In the box” section.


Other poster was correct except it was 2 days ago. A33 on the 29th was 59.99 in a set of Gold Box deals. I know. I bought one then.

You can also search camelcamelcamel.com for ‘TDK A33’ and it’ll confirm the price and date.