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Barska Safes
Price: $94.99 - 159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Feb 11 to Thursday, Feb 12) + transit
Condition: New


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I’m assuming these are not fire safes, because it does not mention it anywhere?

same here. i assume not fireproof since it isn’t mentioned :frowning:

Whatever you’re planning on keeping in these, be it guns or otherwise, this is worth a read:

His conclusion:
“Generally biometric gun safes are a waste of money.”

I replaced a Gunvault pistol safe with a Fort Knox mechanical lock safe with push-buttons. It is really robust with way thicker walls than these cheaps ones and no one will be getting into easily as can happen with the Gunvualt, Barksa, etc… pistol boxes with cheap, easily defeatable locks.

Sport safe…good for jogging?

Barska AX12404 Biometric Fingerprint Safe BX-300 White

Is this safe fireproof? Are any of them fireproof?

None of the safes look to be fireproof or waterproof. You’re paying for the locking mechanism and scanner. Granted they look stable, but keep in mind a thief can get into anything he has his mind set upon. With these guys your best bet is to bolt it down someplace so they can’t pick it up and try the smash bit, or haul it away to work on.

They are not- we will make sure to specify when we have a safe that is fireproof.

The fireproof safes are easy to be picked in past experience especially Sentry which is junk. Bought the large 1 for personal reasons, not for our guns or paperwork. We have the guns elsewhere, most out of the home.

Whatever you do, stay far away from Sentry’s.

This short article is worth reading if you’re not familiar with biometric safes.