Daily Offer 2/8/15: Hydrofarm EnviroGro Fixtures

Today at Tools.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you a selection of Hydrofarm EnviroGro Fixtures so you can do this:

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Hydrofarm EnviroGro Fixtures
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 09 to Tuesday, Feb 10) + transit
Condition: New


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I really wish there were more 2 foot fixtures available.

so does anyone know if I can grow tomatoes with t5 lights?

Perfect Reviews on the 4FT 8 Tube over at Hayneedle

Tomatoes would be tough with t5’s as they get rather tall, and would do better with HPS or MH. Might be doable, but most t5’s are used for seedling germination and initial grow-out.

Not the states I expected in the sales stats. Are these not good for what I assume the most popular indoor crop would be?

T-5 are great to grow most any indoor garden. Light penetration is not as intense as HPS but wattage and heat or reduced a lot with T-5s. These should be big sellers in Colorado and Washington State. Great to start seeds and “vegging” but you can bloom with these lights, but you should change the light bulb to a 3000K spectrum bulb for “Flowering”

No. Meth labs have moved to first place in the drug “culture.” Cheaper to set up, but there is the pesky problem of explosion, and meth-heads are not real good at quality control standards so they blow up a lot!

This is EXACTLY what I expected.

(WA has had co-ops for a long while. Not a lot of interest in DIY groweries anymore. 10 ‘patients’ per ‘garden’, but they’re admin’d by a for-profit company… see: http://medmj-wa.com/guidelines.html)

  1. Be absolutely sure what you will grow.

  2. Read 1 or 2 books on growing your crop under grow lights. (See Amazon.com) They will explain what light spectrum and wattage is required. From that you can add up the equipment costs, electrical costs and labor and see if it even worth it.

My opinion: Florescent lights are great for rooting shoots, starting seeds. But don’t have what is needed to grow a plant to term.

they should bring this back.