Daily Offer 3/17/15: Mega Spring Shirtstorm

Mega Spring Shirtstorm!!!

Ah, spring. Plants. Rain. Blossoms. Shirts. Wind. Fire. Toasters. Shirts. Spring?

LINK TO THE STORM: [url=http://shirt.woot.com/plus/mega-spring-shirtstorm]http://shirt.woot.com/plus/mega-spring-shirtstorm[/url]


SUCH AWESOMENESS! Just ordered stickers, two shirts, and a zip hoodie.

So, why does this say $7-13 when the hoodies are $14? Is something being averaged?

Good catch. Fixed it.

Aw shucks. Just happy to help.

Thanks for adding in the jersey hoodies, woot! I knew that “hot dog walk” was a randyotter design. He always knows what animals really think of us.


Does the “Totes McGoats” and the “Marsupial in my pocket” shirt actually have a pocket on the tee?

Just placed a second order. Apparently resistance really is futile. (When there are this many cool items anyway.)

Highly doubt it. Just printed on.

Finally! A ShirtStorm I can get behind! This one doesn’t make brilliant people break down and cry.

I… should… not… order… more… stickers…

I’m hoping you guys can help me out - I haven’t bought a new shirt in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time and I want to make sure I get the right size now. I used to get Men’s XL (when they used American Apparel shirts). Will I be comfortable with Men’s XL from the new supplier, or should I go up a size?


Alas, it is just printed on.

What would you consider the Jersey zip hoodies to feel like. Would it be in comparison to many UA/Nike sweatshirts out now a days?

I don’t know about UA/Nike sweatshirts, but to be the jersey zip hoodies feel like basically a long sleeve tee, just w/ a zip & a hood, very thin material…if that helps at all

Is the “Nice King” tshirt a WoW thing? Looks like it.

How come when I go to woot on my phone all of these say free shipping but when I look on my lap top they don’t?

As everybody’s body is different, it’s too hard to say if the current Anvil blanks would be an issue or not. Most shirts these days will be printing on the new cut, so it’s probably best to read through this thread to see if they’ll be okay with you.

That’s a known issue with our app, we’re trying to put out an update ASAP.