Daily Offer 3/17/15: Mega Spring Shirtstorm

Stickers … GONE!?

I curse you work!!!

I want Be What You Want so badly as a tote, hoodie, canvas print, EVERYTHING. I hate that I can ONLY get it as a shirt!

I am the POG Champion! Seriously, I can drink gallons of that stuff in a day! Especially the Meadow Gold brand since they come in gallons. If you ever go to Hawaii, drink that stuff.

I always sucked at playing POGs when I was a kid, though. Although I did have a really cool & heavy slammer.

I bought one Jersey zip and one regular zip hoodie last go round and I can say that the Jersey zip is akin to a long sleeved t-shirt with a zipper down the middle. It’s soft, a bit stretchy, but very thin and not terribly warm. It would be good for a night that gets a little cool, or a day that’s windy but still warm, or indoors when some jerk has the A/C up a little high but your other hoodie is too warm. Basically, a layering jacket. I could also see wearing it over a camisole or a tank top, for a different look, than a t-shirt but still getting the snarky t-shirt effect.

Think it’s the Ice King from Adventure Time.

Why does it constantly offer free shipping on t shirts, but in check out there is always a charge? W. T. F.

Check out this blog post.

I spaced when I ordered and forgot to check the shipping date - does anyone remember when these are set to ship out?

I think it was April 8th.

It said April 8, but my stickers shipped today. Huzzah!

Got my stickers thanks! I love most of them. Sadly they weren’t quite random. Got all duplicates. Apparently ordering multiple ones don’t garontee you’ll get the colorful tree one you were shooting for :confused:

Stickers said RANDOM - warning they are not. Bought three sets of ten stickers and they were all the same. Tiny bit disappointed.

I had started to make a post this morning about it being April 9th and no shipping info on the shirt I ordered, but ran out of time. In checking now, I have a placeholder tracking number pending shipment. I keep forgetting that woot! “special” deals sometimes take a bit longer to get delivered.

Now, hopefully, it won’t take more than 2 weeks to get delivered.

So far 3 of 4 shirts have arrived. Naturally, the one that was meant as a gift for someone is the missing one… and still says it’s preparing for shipment. I guess it gets here when it gets here. :confused:

The shirts are nice though. I love using them for workouts or puttering around the garden. Can’t beat cheap for that.

When will this be in stock again? I would love to purchase one for a friend.

Which design? We should have all designs in our catalog you can search here, though right now we’ve reached our daily limit on orders, but that limit resets every day at midnight central.