Daily Offer 3/23/15: Samsung 4K LED Smart TVs

The 65 Curved Samsung was a BestBuy door buster at $2499 new, so $1600 looks like great deal. My husband got the 900 version with 3D and the smart bar (give it 5 stars), and if I see it on here I am going to throw myself off a cliff…AGGGGGG!!! (The 4 Ks are amazing “if” you have the content to watch, but they underperform with HD content, just like HDTV when it came out and 80% of content was standard)

Curved is horsehockey. The Samsung has a superb viewing angle. Also… forget 4K. The industry standard is still evolving. Otherwise you’ll end up with an outmoded “feature” with limited usefulness.

For the same $$$ you can get a new Samsung flat non-4k 60-inch unit.

And if you already have a relatively recent Samsung phone, you can screencast wirelessly.


Check out the Woot Buying Guide for HDTVs and tell us what you think!

Edit: I see Lichme posted it too but what the heck.

Here is the reviews on the Curve 4K LED tv Cnet. They spent a month with the tv to see if it truly is worth it.

When I click on the 50" the description says 40"
Typo or trap?

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Dell still has this deal

on a similar 50" (slightly different model) for $998 + $250 gift card. So, the price is actually less than Woot’s.

Like this, you mean?

These Samsung TV’s get a lot of love for their solid upconversion of HD material. Seeing them in the store kind of has to be taken with a grain of salt, because it’s all tailored to make the picture look as vibrant and colorful as possible. Real world applications always vary. That said, I have a buddy with the 65" curved version of this TV and it is really a very nice picture. Things to note on the curved displays are that the curves create a bit of a sweet spot in terms of where you sit. If you have a lot of parties where you have people watching the TV, the curved display may not be for you as it limits the viewing angle. Just food for thought. Otherwise, nice picture on TV’s with a really nice set of features, also.

Im sorry to be “that guy” but 4K seems to be the next 3D gimmick.

Yay, its got more stuff for us to enjoy…but we never asked for it…

4k vs 1080p is not something a normal living room setup is ever going to notice.

And until the infrastructure of streaming services can not only provide, but actually find content to play, 4k resolution videos…this is just buying to get in on the ground floor only to realize how ripped off you got when ALL tvs are 4k.

like people who got Plasma TVs for $16,000 in the late 90s.

Unless you have a 4K Cable/Satellite reciever… you won’t notice much of a difference from a 720P television for your live-action sports.

Here’s a good read-up on why 4K and Ultra HD aren’t worth the price yet.

Human error. It’s fixed now.

We’re not as evil as many of you try to make us out to be. :frowning:

What does refurbished mean?

Yeah, I heard about that too, then Samsung got so much static for it that they put a press release changing their policy. I don’t have a link to it, nor do I know how much it changes.

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Hi, I would just like to point out a feature of Samsung Tv’s.

Does anyone know if there is any difference between the UN65HU8500 model being offered here and the UN65HU8550 that is well reviewed at Amazon and CNET? I can’t find any discernible difference (actually no difference at Samsung’s site) so I’m wondering if its just a different model year or perhaps the 8500 is the generic model and 8550 is specific to certain resellers

Do these work at 4K as a computer monitor? Which refresh and connections?

They are the same. I believe the 8500 is sold only through Costco and Sam’s Clubs.

Has anyone had experience with shipping TVs from woot? What’s delivery like?

Many years ago (back when Woot just sold 1 item a day) I had a HUGE TV delivered. It was pure white glove delivery. 2 guys carried it up the 2 flights of stairs. Unboxed it and took away all the packing materials I did not want.

I have to admit, I was in the same boat until I actually got to make some in person comparisons. My parents have one of the 50" Vizio 4K TV’s and a 46" Samsung 1080p (don’t ask me the model #'s because I have no idea) that they got last year. So, both very current models. Everything on the Vizio is noticeably sharper. Post signal processing it does is absolutely amazing. Not to mention the local dimming zones are much more effective, though in being honest, I’m not entire sure that the Samsung has local area dimming or not. Anyway, the point is that while the Samsung is nothing to scoff at, and it’s not, the fact is that every manufacturer right now is putting their best technologies into their 4K TV’s and their OLED’s. As the prices of these come down, and I would already argue that they have considerably, and they are comparable in price to the Full HD models or slightly more expensive, why would you not take that step towards future proofing if you could? Sure, an argument could be made that by the time true 4K content is out (and your point there is 100% on point and valid) that the 4K TV’s will be significantly lower in price. My point, though, is that while 3D was definitely a gimmick, the post processing on these TV’s is real, and works very well. Which makes this less gimmick and more viable. I hope that made sense.

FWIW, I still and old school full HD gigantic 5 inch thick Toshiba and a newerish (last 4 years probably) LG Plasma. So my standards may be lower than yours. Happy reading, and I strongly encouarge people to research TV’s before they buy them.

While I do not - AVS Forums tends to have an owners thread for pretty much every model or line of models, and generally is a “no BS” forum.

It can mean many things. If a TV is purchased, box opened, and then returned for any reason, it cannot be resold as “new” therefore refurbished. Also, if a new TV doesn’t work and is returned and repaired, it is resold as refurbished. Personally, I purchased two refurb TVs from Woot in the past few years and have had great luck with both.