Daily Offer 3/24/15: Cold Steel Knives

Today at Sport.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE COLD STEEL KNIVES (WARM STEEL KNIVES EXCLUDED)!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

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Time to check out the product page for the Cold Steel 24 PA

The whole point to a butterfly knife is that it opens with one hand. Would I really want to pay $60 for a knife that just looks like a butterfly knife without the function?

Probably not.

When I was selling the Paradox on Amazon, they took down my listings because they said they were restricted. Yet, here they are.

The point behind them doing it this way is to make it a legal carry blade :slight_smile:

Cold Steel 21TTXLS Talwar Black/Silver Knife

For this item – both the Features and the Specs tabs - list the steel used for the blade as:

Carpenter CTS® XHP Alloy

The model number in the title – 21TTXLS – is for Aus 8A steel.

What steel is used in this knife – which is correct – the model number or the Features & Specs ?

Thank you

I am also wondering the same thing. Almost too good to be true if this is the cts-XHP

Which means that this is an imitation. Not a toy, but not the real deal. I agree, why bother with an imitation purpose built knife when you could get a legal carry knife built for a different purpose that’s authentic.

At the top of the Cold Steel page it does have a ‘C’ in the part number for Carpenter steel; in the table at the middle of the page it has the Carpenter steel without the C in it.

Just a hint…I have a CS giant Voyager with AUS8, serrated, and I can bend the serrations a bit with my thumbnail.

So this type of CS knife sure could use some new steel.

But you kind of think the knife offered here might be the old AUS8; still a massive useful knife but not if you like better steels.

Sure, if you can carry it legally. Butterfly knives are a felony in many jurisdictions. And while it may just be a poor look-alike, some folks want that look-alike quality.
Of course, the fact that it’s on Woot means that a lot of people didn’t want that look-alike quality…

CALIFORNIA- The knife is illegal to carry if the blade exceeds 2 inches in length and as with other automatic knives are legal to own if kept in your home.

HAWAII- Butterfly knife Butterfly knife or any type if Balisong knife are illegal to possess, sell, transfer, transport or manufacture.

KANSAS- “Gravity knives” have legal restrictions on them in the state of Kansas.

NEW YORK- The Balisong is not classified as a “gravity knife” in the state of New York.

OREGON- Balisongs are illegal to carry concealed in the state of Oregon.

TEXAS- Under Chapter 46 of the Texas penal code, Balisong knives are considered “switchblades” and are illegal in the state. It is illegal to knowingly and intentionally possess, transport, sell, manufacture or repair switchblades in Texas.

UTAH- Butterfly knife Butterfly knife are legal in the state of Utah as long as they are not concealed.

VIRGINIA- According to state law, the Balison is legal for open carrying and concealment, although some localities may have additional knife laws and restrictions.

WISCONSIN- The state has made it legal to conceal the Balisong, however, it may not be open outside of your own property.

So New York has one of the most anal gun and knife laws and yet I can carry a “real” butterfly knife. Probably not for long…

Well since it’s designed to be exposed while carrying plan on explaining that to many LEOs as they’ll stop you for carrying a banned weapon. Eventually it’ll end up in your knife drawer.

If one educates themselves on their states knife carrying laws and aren’t an arse to the Leo and the leo is cool then no problem. Minor inconvience. If you happen to run into a Leo on a bad day, then jist remember. Don’t be an arse about it and if you’re clean, then things should go fine.

Lesson of the above: don’t be an arse to cops and not throw a hissy even if you think it’s unfair that you got stopped.

This information is outdated. Texas repealed the switchblade ban in 2013 however to my knowledge they have not passed a preemption law so individual cities may still ban them. San Antonio is the most notorious for this. But as I said… they are legal now in Texas.

Is opening with one hand the whole point of a butterfly knife? Every pocket knife I own opens with one hand. I honestly thought the whole point of a butterfly knife was to look neat. That purpose seems well served by this fake.

What about the butterfly design is supposed to make it more easily opened? I’m sitting here with my speedsafe folder trying to imagine how the complicated contraption I see pictured could be easier than pressing this little tab with my forefinger.

YouTube “cold steel paradox mod”, you’re welcome.

It’s not supposed to open easily, it is for preparation of insect dishes.


Cold Steel has it as “Carpenter CTS® XHP Alloy”

This may not be particularly helpful, but butterfly knives always remind me of this:

I don’t think the scene would work with one of these knives. :slight_smile: