Daily Offer 3/3/15: Proslat Racks

Today at Tools.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re not slacking or slatting and racking up all the ProSlat racks!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE OFFER: http://tools.woot.com/plus/proslat-racks-1


Time to learn all about the racks

Comments from a previous sale

Does “Proslat 66012 Hoist, 2-Pack” contain 2 pulleys or 4 pulleys? Is it enough for two bikes? Seems kind of ambiguous to me.

Happy to see Proslat again as I am going to pull the trigger on some of these items today.

BTW, where is peg board I can do it cheaper myself guy? He hasn’t shown up yet t0 comment.

Does anyone know if the panels can be cut to size? I want to install on a wall that is about 3’ wide. Can I cut the panels in half?

Yes you can cut the panels to length. I found this video on youtube that helped when I was installing my proslat. I used a pair of tin snips to notch one of the panels and a japanese pull saw to make cuts for my project.

One of my packages was lost by Fedex. Woot customer service is horrible, I just get canned responses that my package is in transit and a link to fedex’s website - where the location of the package has not been updated 3/6.

Ugh, sorry you haven’t heard anything. I’ll poke CS and see what’s up.

Nudge harder. Last week I messaged CS twice.

First message:

This was the 2nd message:


I sent a message in again today and got another canned response:

As you can see, the tracking has not been updated for 11 days. I called Fedex and they confirmed that the package was likely destroyed and they are waiting to be contacted by the shipper (YOU GUYS).

CS has been in contact with the vendor this morning. I haven’t seen anything else, but they’re workin’ on it. I’m really sorry for the delay.

The last reply came back this afternoon that my package was “in transit” so I question about assertion that of what occurred “this morning”. There is nothing to contact the vendor about. I can understand a delay, but this is pure incompetence. I have talked to the Fedex Wilmington hub multiple times and my package is not there. My contact there is Melinda Davis, please call yourself. Why on earth would CS email me a link AGAIN today with my tracking number when anyone can see that there have been no updates for the package in 11 days.

I’ve made a couple purchases from woot in the past and sung their praises multiple times. It’s sad that I will never recommend them again due simply to your poor customer service.