Daily Offer 3/31/15: 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

For those of you looking for the bed frame:


When I put the sheets in my cart, it said 189.00 retail.

Would there be anyway for someone (woot or vendor) to compare these sheets to the ones you sold in February. Those are hands down the best sheets we’ve ever bought and I wish we would’ve bought 3 sets. Thanks.


I paid $80.00 for these the first time they were offered and have been waiting for them to be listed again. Eagerly ordered another set just now, nothing compares to cotton – and the color on these is just sumptuous.

Hey Woot!. I just bought another set of sheets from you! That makes, I believe, 5 sets so far! The last ones I bought are very tight on my bed. (in fact the seam ripped the last time I tried to stretch them over the mattress.) It may be because my wife insists on washing the sheets in lava hot water and then dries them at the hades setting in the Maytag.
The reason I’m writing is because I have noticed approximately 27% of the comments so far are related to the bed frame. My wife brings up the topic of bed frames approximately 2 times a week or roughly 28% of the time.
Maybe you guys should go scout out some cool bed frames. I’ll probably buy one if it is a king size, heavy gauge antique bronze look with or without some dark wood framing and without too much frilly crap on it.

The bed frame in the sheets photos is cool but it’s not for me. I would say it is not made for lovin. It looks like it would start rockin back and forth and if you move with any regular rhythm it might just end up inverting. Perhaps if you were strapped in like Tommy Lee on the drums it would be an awesome experience!

In terms of thread count, I think potential buyers and your writer should take a look at this article from Consumer Reports. This, and other sources, say 400 is about as high as a weave can legitimately go. We’ve gone crazy about thread count without really knowing what it means.

Um, you determine the quality of the sheets by who the manufacturer is?

We sometimes can’t give out the manufacturer. This is because our buyers work for great pricing and the vendors want to protect their pricing in the marketplace.

can a brother ever get some percale?!?!
Everybody is selling sateen:(

IMO, 800TC in a percale would feel like a tarp. That’d be one heavy sheet.

somehow my question has been overlooked. is the manufacturer of these sheets the same as the ones sold in February or at least the same quality?

It says standard pillowcases with the Cal King, does anyone know if this is a mistake? Seems to me it should be king sized pillowcases with king/cal king sheet set and is usually the case.

Why are singles so discriminated against? Doesn’t my childhood bed in my Mom’s basement deserve the finer things in life? But seriously, I’m always on the hunt for nice sheets in a single. Our guest bedrooms have 2 twins in them to accommodate differing guest configurations. I have only found decent sheets on one occasion, and then there was only 2 sets. I’d be in for the max if I could get these in single XL. Even regular single would do.

well, yes it is just one variable, you can tell a lot about a product by who manufactures it. For example, I use Renovation Hardware Paradigm (464) sheets and duvet covers. Super nice, silky, breathe well, but terribly expensive. You get what you pay for here, but if i could find a 350-400+ percale for a bargain, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Often times, these unknown manufacturers claim 400-600tc which is a sateen weave which means really only 200 or 300 thread touch your skin in raised patterns compared to a percale/flat weave .

Everyone focused only on thread count is missing the picture. Someone mentioned the consumer reports on sheets/thread count and that is indeed something every sheet buyer should read before buying sheets. A percale count vs a sateen weave is significantly different. Don’t believe me? Go stay at a Marriott international, regular combed grade cotton in “400” tc. but somehow their sheets don’t feel as good as a Westin with only 300tc sheets.

There are different grades of cotton, and unfortunately even ‘egyptian’ cotton has really been misleading. Back in the 90’s I used to purchase long staple egyptian cotton shirts from nordstrom (?) which were very expensive but they were the best feeling dress shirts out there and starched up better than the crap cotton shirts from low end brand names. There was even an ‘egyptian’ cotton shirt that I bought which had a significantly worse/different hand (feel) than the nordstrom shirt.

I no longer need to wear such expensive attire, but I do prefer to sleep in nice sheets.

+1, glad to know some folks on Woot still focus on quality rather join the lemmings looking for the highest thread count…

Different manufacturer.

The dims are for a King pillowcase. I’ll ask for that to be fixed.

Twins just don’t sell as well. Watch for twin sets around the “Back to School” events. Dorms use Twin & Twin XL beds.

I snooze I lose, I guess… only thing left in Queen is Butter. What color is Butter?

I really wanted the purple. The purple looks beautiful.