Daily Offer 4/10/15: IQ Massager TENS Stimulators

The human body is mostly water. The human body responds well to electrical stimulation. Do these two things make sense? Was our species just created as part of a drunken bet? How do we even function?

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I have a different TENS unit and it has been a blessing at times. I sometimes get lower back pains and I can relieve them with my TENS unit.

What’s your story?

Nope… still not Sansas… gets med every time!

re: TENS units - while not this brand, my mother has been receiving TENS treatments at physical therapy for a few years now (advanced scoliosis and fibro) and has come to rely on it’s effects to stay mobile.

I used a different TENS unit for some time after a lower back injury. Although I found the “feel” quite creepy it certainly helped with pain. I didn’t feel that it was a miracle, but it was helpful.

I have the Prospera pulse massager that is sold here sometimes. It has really helped. Anybody know how this compares?

From the company’s website iqmassager dot com

“All sellers on Amazon and eBay are not IQ TECHNOLOGIES authorized dealers IQ TECHNOLOGIES will not honor the 5 years warranty”

Isn’t Woot an Amazon seller? Is there a workaround for Woot to promote the product to include “Warranty: 5 Year IQ Massager” in its description?

The IQ Massager TENS Stimulator not only works on muscles but also on connective tissue and even joints. I bought one of these on a previous Woot and use it on my ankle with torn tendons almost everyday after work. It has helped increase mobility and avoid surgery. I also use it on an arthritic knee and to relieve the symptoms of sciatica. It is a tremendous help if you understand the basics of acupuncture meridians and use the TENS along neural pathways. It’s an amazing product that has increased my quality of life tremendously, so much so that I purchased a second unit to keep in reserve in case my first one goes belly up. This is a very powerful unit and not some cheap knock-off you might find in chain stores.

I have one of these in a different brand. It is amazing! I have even worn it to work to alleviate the stress in my shoulders. LOVE IT! It takes a little bit of playing with the adjustments until you find the strength setting and mode that is “just right”. I am in for 2, one for my daughter & one for my sister.

Has anyone used the mouse massager?

I purchased this during the last Woot offering. It’s the first item I’ve ever purchased on Woot that I regret. Absolute junk. It worked once and then failed. It feels cheap, the screen is hard to read, and well, when it fails after first use, what else is there to say.

Those “slippers” will not fit antone in my home.

I purchased this during the last Woot sale on these and it was a total waste of money. I fully charged it and it didn’t even work. I tried the back, feet, etc, nothing. Nothing but junk, customer support is just as bad. Your made to feel like its your fault that it doesn’t work even with following the directions, again which are also lacking.

I wish they would sell just the belt and/or slippers as I already bought an IV system from woot a while ago and don’t want two, but I would love the accessories if they were compatible with the Prospera massager

bought it the lat time it was on woot, hav euse it for prob 20 hours since then. have only had to charge it 4 times. works great and you can use 4 pads or 2 pads and back pad at the same time.