Daily Offer 4/10/15: Yukon Tactical Black Packs

Today at Sport.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE YUKON TACTICAL PACKS AND MOAR YUKON TACTICAL PACKS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Yukon Tactical Black Packs


Where’s the Yukon reviews? Talk to me, wooters!


We apologize about your experience, and we are here to help! Sent you a PM to follow up with your inquiry, and very happy to answer any of your questions.

Our Bug-Out Bag has been a mainstay in our line. Check out some of the reviews up on youtube for interactive look.

Thanks for your support and we’ll be in touch!

I bought a Yukon side pack a few weeks ago. I really like it; the design seems smart, everything is very accessible. The stitching all seems straight, the zippers all seem well-built. There’s several molle patches to affix various things, and they seem well-placed (as much as they can be, given the small size of the bag). Liberal use of pockets with some large mesh inner-pockets, I do wish some were divided. Really useful bag. These people obviously put a lot into design & testing; my side bag has a cinch closure to keep water or dust out of the main pouch, all of the hardware seems well-made & durable, and they’ve done some excellent work in terms of reducing costs without degrading the product – the shoulder pad on mine, for instance, is the standard sort of fabric-enclosed foam, but it has three pads sewn in that totally prevent slip against my shoulder. I’ve seen identical designs elsewhere, but the fabric ran the expanse of the strap and actually didn’t work as well. If I had the money to burn, I’d jump on one of these bug-out bags and give them a chance. I have heard good things about their customer service… but…

Problem with my bag is that it was designed for concealed carry… but… there’s a handle on top of the bag (vs. the carry strap) and every time I pick up the handle, the zip over the carry compartment opens up just a touch. Not a deal-breaker, but I also have glanced down to see the butt of my .45 through a mostly-open zipper – not something that I like. Also surprising, considering how well-engineered the bag is, overall. One end of the handle seems to be tugging right above the closed zipper, taking pressure off of the teeth and allowing it to ease open. I’ve contacted YO about it, more than a week ago, but with no response.

tl;dr: good price, customer service not so much, YMMV.

I bought a Yukon bug-out bag quite a while back to use for work travel - I travel about 2 weeks / month. I am pleased to say that I’m 100% happy with it - well-designed, well-constructed, and it’s holding up like a champ. If you’re wondering about getting one, or leery of the quality because of the price, in my experience I would say that you should not be - buy it, it’s a good piece.

I bought a bug-out bag about a year ago on Woot. I used it to carry my gear when I go climbing - probably about a 25-30 pound load most of the time. The stitching and zippers aren’t great, though. The main zipper often skips a tooth and then will bind when unzipping. One of the backpack straps broke off because the stitching holding the webbing came apart. I ended up restitching the webbing and some of the seams with heavy upholstery thread. The D-rings are plastic, and I’m sure sooner or later I’ll accidentally step on one or drop something on it and it’ll snap.

It’s a decent bag for the price, but they did cut corners to be able to produce them this cheaply. I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy or frequent use, unless you reinforce some of the pieces.

For those of you that are on the fence about purchasing a Yukon Outfitters bag…just do it!
I know there have been some reviews here in the past with issues of zippers, connections, smell, etc., but from MY experience, YO really produces a GREAT product at a much less cost than some of the other ‘big name’ companies out there.
I purchased the range bag on Woot! last year and absolutely LOVE IT! It holds everything I need (and more)when I go the the range…ammo, ear and eye protection, spare mags, targets, and most importantly, my handgun cases…with room to spare! It’s always the subject of conversation at the range, as people want to know where I got such a great bag (as I look at the ‘gym bag’ of shooting supplies that others have).
I’m excited to see the Bugout bag back, as I’ve wanted to get one ever since I received my Range Bag, but they were always sold out before I could get it. Pulling the trigger on this (no pun intended!) and will be eagerly awaiting delivery!
Thanks YO for making such great products and for offering them here on Woot!

I mentioned this the last time the Yukon backpack was on sale …

It really is a great bag. Durable, VERY comfortable, and a nice size (there’s a padded compartment that comfortably fits laptops up to 16 inches). But with fairly light use, some of the stitching at the top of my bag between the shoulder straps started to separate. I fixed it with some ShoeGoo and it’s fine now. I don’t see any stitching problems anywhere else, and my zippers seem fine (others have had zipper problems).

I paid $40 for my bag, and would happily do so again (it’s only $30 today). I’ve had other backpacks like this in that price range, and they fell apart within months. I expect this one to last for years of daily use.

Some people have complained about the lack of a waist strap, but that seems pointless to me on a bag this size. Unless you’re carrying bars of lead.

I bought the Alpha on an earlier woot. Used it for a trip and I loved it so much. The zippers are big and are like butter. Very useful storage. Also the fabric feels high quality, very supple. Definitely my favorite bag. Would recommend.

This is my first review, felt obligated. Since they help me out so much

Big Yukon fan, owner of four bags from them now, all bought on Woot, who I blame for my luggage fetish. Excellent construction, haven’t had any problem with the zippers. On opening the first three have had a strong odor which does fade with time. Some notes on individual bags:

Recon Commuter - it’s a large laptop bag, haven’t seen it for sale in awhile. Back side has two slant-zipper pockets ideal for concealed carry. One compartment for the lappy, one for accessories, and a fold-over flap on a third intended for glasses, pens, etc. Love the name - great for keyboard commandos.

Range - BIG bag, probably my favorite. Plenty of useful-sized pockets including two on top that you have to be careful with opening the bag if there’s anything heavy there. Excellent capacity. Moveable velcro partition that’s a little light if you are carrying ammo or firearms but great if you’re using it for general luggage (which I do).

Rapid Response - very useful bag, a bit smaller than the Range bag and quite a bit thinner, with a long main compartment accessible by a double-zipper, one-pull flap arrangement. Some of the external pockets are a bit small. One internal compartment for pens, ID, etc, similar to the Recon Commuter bag above.

Mission - don’t know, it’s still in the mail. Come on, Woot, come on…

Generally speaking, this is not airline luggage - note no wheels or other stuff - you’re going to carry it over your shoulder and throw it in your car trunk. Which I do.

Does the “Yukon Tactical Ultimate Breakdown Case” have lockable zippers? It looks like the pulls are just cord. If they’re not lockable, this would be a deal-breaker for me as transport laws in California require locked storage for transport of pistols.

The only time I see this being an issue is if you have a pickup truck without a camper shell. Then its a legit concern, but only if you’re using it to transport a “pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person”

In other words, I don’t believe a break-down rifle would count.

I’m no expert, but the way I follow the rule is:

  1. If its a “long gun” its not subject to this particular law

  2. If its capable of being concealed, then it has to be either in the trunk or in a camper shell that is able to be locked. If its in the open bed of a truck, then it will have to be in a locked container.


I would usually carry a pistol to the range in the front pouch, and I have a hatchback and a pick-up, so neither has a “locking container” like a trunk. I suppose the pistol could go into a lockable zipper pouch, but the larger bag I use now has lockable zippers. I’d like to get something a bit smaller and more manageable than the 42" double rifle bag I use now, though.

Hey guys- Here’s a review on the Bug-Out bag.

I had problems with a Yukon woot item last year. I mentioned it in the woot community conversation a couple of times for other Yukon items. The person Yukon has who monitors these things jumped right into the conversation promising all kinds of help! Just like they are doing here.

The only problem is that messages sent to them at their request were ignored and promised responses in my mail folder never appeared. Talk in these public blogs is cheap - real follow-up would have been nice (and expected).

Maybe others have had better experiences - I’ve given up on Yukon products.

I bought this woot, and the product is garbage. I will never buy anything from Yukon Outfitters again; this is my only disappointing woot purchase. This bag isn’t tough enough for a child’s book bag, much less a tactical situation. After two camping trips, two of the internal zippers are busted. The internal shock cord ripped out. The fabric feels cheap all around, and I have no doubt it will tear soon. The only nice thing about this bag is the padding on the back.

The compression straps on the sides should be fastened on the back part. Currently, they are fastened on the flap that opens, so they are always in your way flopping around as you open and close the pack. The pack also needs a hip belt.

I’m really sorry for your experience. Yukon is super responsive to these types of problems, and I know they’d love to have a chance to help you! You can reach them right here.